Hello, walla, I think most of the stories here are made up, but I
will tell you a real incident that happened to me, my name is ahmet, I was 18 years old in
high school, at the end
of this summer vacation
, we gathered together with a girl and a boy before everyone else.
It was the day my girlfriend was gone, we went to their wives, we had a lot of fun,, the drink was like water but I didn’t drink much, my girlfriend drank
vodka on a regular basis, we were now
disturbed by her movements
I lay next to him, we talked a little bit, I said you don’t look like a drunk at all, he said I was drunk too, he
said I’m drunk, onnari said, I don’t want to talk
We continued but ayse did not feel sleepy, she said, I wonder if
we kissed, we both had a piercing on my cheek, we said let’s try Osman, we kissed
for a long time, while Ayse was trying to take off the t-shirt I was wearing
, voices came from inside, we both pretended to be asleep right
away. ayse took my t-shirt in one move, she turned
and went over me , so I tried to take it off,
but she didn’t let me get up
, she untied my belt, mine was already ready at the bottom, she immediately took it down, it
was really great when she said her piercing on her
tongue said sirra you also ahmetcim:D, I
also stripped her and her breasts were very beautiful
I was playing with my hand, I opened the door to the bottoms, I opened the bottom, my butt was unshaven ,
but it was great,
he was squeezing himself to groan while I was putting my tongue between him, he lay down and pressed
his head on his head, I said it’s time now
no one came,,yawas yawas I started to come and go, the room even tried to
adjust its breathing, but he couldn’t even make a low groan,,I sped up,I
took my dick out of my dick and I ejaculated on it,the room was already
empty we
continued to kiss but we were tired.we slept together in the morning.
While we were kawalti, we understood that everyone heard us but did not speak up, they were laughing

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