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Mrb friends, I’m from izmir. This incident completely happened to me
and it is real. I just found this site and wanted to share it.
The incident started 4 months ago. Let me introduce myself first if you want.
I am a 1.75 m tall girl with black hair and green eyes. I am 18 years old and
going to the end of high school. My physique is pretty good. My hips are like stones, if you see my breasts , your mind will
fly anyway 😛 😀 I’m not a virgin. Anyway , as you can see, I’m
a very sexy girl and I love fucking very
much. 4
months ago, I came home from school after another boring day. My brother is 20
years old by the way. I’m going to the classroom. I had dinner and some net
I said I’d wear it. Anyway, when I said a little msn face or something, 2 hours passed. It’s 6 o’clock
. My brother knocked on the door and I went and opened the door. Well, as you know, since the weather
is always hot in Izmir, that day, I was wearing a thin body and
a blue mini skirt under me. By the way, my legs are very beautiful 😉 😛
I didn’t have a bra under me either. Anyway, my sister came in. “Welcome bro”
I said. He said, “We are welcome, I am very hungry, yelizzz, please prepare something
”. I said “ok”. I went to the kitchen
and prepared something to eat and called my brother. He came to the kitchen and started to eat
. I was with him and I was smoking. my parents
were relatives and they would not come for 4 days. so you can smoke comfortably
I could drink at home. XD anyway, then my brother finished his dinner and his friend Okan
called. is a classmate. They would come to us with Serkan. My brother
said “Okay, come on, come on” xD Anyway, I knew them both, they were good
kids. they are handsome too xD 😛 anyway, half an hour passed, they
knocked on the door, so I went and opened the door . they came in saying “nice bull duukk” xD When they saw my nipples, they lost their minds, I guess xD anyway, they went inside and sat next to my brother. I sat too. I was watching TV and they were talking among themselves. below me

there was a thin red thong and when I crossed my legs, my skirt came off
and my thong looked like xD My brother, who noticed that Serkan was watching me carefully
, said, “Serkan, hayrola?” said xD Serkan was stunned. “Nothing bro, I’m immersed
” he said xD. okan was staring at me unnoticed from time to time 😛
being a prostitute to my brother’s friends next to my brother was driving me
weirdpppp. I knew that they both wanted to fuck me now
xPPP but the only obstacle was my brother 🙁 Anyway, they came in and they were going to look at something from the
pc. Then they called me. From the pc they called me. Because I understood very well from the pc.
I went and fixed it. Then my brother sat to see if it was okay. I
was behind the seat where my brother was sitting. I was standing. serkan slowly
he put his hand on my leg 😛 started stroking my leg. I was surprised of course xD
, I mean, look at the bastard, look at my brother
. Anyway, I didn’t mind it
and just kept standing. serkan took his hand up and started to touch my ass xD he was stroking
my thong 😛 mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm what
a pleasure I had but 😛 next to my brother his friend was handing
it started, I couldn’t stand it anymore xD 😛 it was too little
I already know xD both want to fuck me :PPPPPPPPPP
mmmmmmmmmmmmmmhhhhhhhh I was so horny and my pussy was watering so bad
. I was thinking how can I fuck myself with these :/
but I couldn’t think of anything. ufffff i wanted to get fucked weird yaaaaa
mmmmmhhhhhhhhhhhhh both of them were licking my ass. Anyway, for a moment, they were startled by my brother’s
gesture and both of them withdrew their hands. I said uffff and went to my room and
lay on my bed. My brother called me from inside.
“Yelizcm,” she said, “bring something to drink from the kitchen .” I said okay bro. I went to the kitchen
and took the coke out of the cupboard and at that moment I felt something behind me. it was
serkan. He said let me help you so I said ok dear xD
I know your help I said I’ve been inside xD his dick was like a stone.
he almost pierced his pants xD 😛 anyway,
we put the glasses on the tray. Then I took the tray in my hand and as I walked, he was rubbing my ass behind my
back. I want to fuck you yelizz he said 😛 he said you are very beautiful
😛 I looked at him and just laughed lightly, winked and kept walking
xD I was going to be a little coy of course xD :PP can’t give it right away
xD anyway we started drinking coke. I went to my room. My brother and his friends also went to my
brother’s room. I know they were going to watch porn for sure xD 10
minutes passed. I looked at them watching porn xD 😛 what abazalar yaaaa xD husband
couldn’t find a girl to fuck in izmir walla xD I thought I’d look at them a bit.
they all had dicks in their hands xPPPPPP mmmmmmmmmmhhhhh so bad
I was angry. water was flowing out of my pussy mmmmmmmm I wanted to be fucked so much
that I can’t tell you, mmmmmmmm I said “now a man will
fuck me here uffffffff mmmmmmmm”. they were hanging on,
watching porn of course . i was parking my pussy and stroking my breasts while looking at them.
my biggest dick brother had xD 20 cm or something. xD I thought to myself ” ufffff bee
bro, we didn’t know what a dick you had, what girls have
passed under you . I said, ‘You couldn’t fuck that brother of yours.
I was really sick of my brother’s dick 😛 Serkan and Ok’s dicks were 16 cm or something. Anyway, I
went to my room and I was masturbating. I was fingering my pussy with my hand.
I was fifty. Then I had a long and thick pencil and I took it
i started to lick it. mmmmmm I was going crazy. There were 3 men inside
and I was masturbating here. I was going crazy. Fuck
me, I said to myself. Fuck it, as much as you want. you bitch you
enter the event I erkeklerimmmmm mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm ohhhhhhhhh Ohhhhhhhh
AMI to Ohhhhh enter AMI, my dear abimmmmmm Mmmmmhhhh serkanımmm my mouth wart is
bebeğimmmm mmmmmhhhhh arrows ass my dick bitanemmmmm Ohhhhhhhh
erkeklerimmmmmmmmm fuck me doyasıyaaa to ohhhhhhhhh dear abimmmmm fuck
sister dick Ohhhhhhh fuck me abiiiiii the Ohhhhhhhh sik beniii what
oluuuurrrrr is uuuuffffff mmmmhhhhh ahhhhhhhh he inliyodummmm disastrous in a way
. then came the serkan. he saw me caressing myself and instantly
He closed the door and jumped on me. he put his dick in my mouth. ohhhhhh how nice
my dick mmmmmm I immediately started licking it. Then I got undressed and I was stark
. then okan and my brother came xD I was shocked officially xD ok okan
and serkan were going to fuck me and my brother was determined to fuck me xD I
had never felt or thought about such things towards my brother before.
Frankly, I was quite surprised. Anyway, I said to myself, ” What if you’re giving it to
Yeliz Elin’s son, fuck you all night long. I said should you not give it to your brother who is bleeding
? pity boy, he’s horny, he wants to fuck you

I gave the right. Every man wants to fuck a sexy and beautiful girl
like you” he said and laughed xD then I said “don’t you dress so sexy
but you don’t listen cnm” he laughed and laughed again xD anyway, now
you can give it to your brother while you’re fuckin’, right? But never
tell my mom and dad okay? “said. I said, “As long as you ask, my dear brother
, I will give it, of course, I will not give it to you, but to whom I will give it. ” fuck me as much as you want
. I won’t tell you baby, don’t worry”
I said and continued to lick Serkan’s dick. Serkan got undressed and then Okan and my brother
undressed. my brother was licking my ass. okansa was licking my breasts. ohhhhhhh how
lucky I was I was mad 3 guys were licking me xD they were going to fuck me soon :ppPpP
mmmmmmmm then my brother gave me your dick and I started to lick it in my mouth” ohhhhhhhhhh
mmmmmm my dear brother your dick is awesome yaaaaa
tell me why haven’t you fucked me all this time ” I smiled and continued. “Oh baby,
I was afraid of my mother and father that you wouldn’t give me one,” he said. Anyway, then
I licked that sweet dick of ok and my brother started to fuck my pussy. I sighed
deeply ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
my brother how well he got into my sweet pussyaaaaaa.
mmmmmmmm it didn’t look like a man’s entrance at all. It was very sweet and enjoyable.
then it started going in and out. I was jumping on my brother and we were
fucking like crazy . serkan went behind my back and started to fuck my ass. okan
he was giving it to my mouth. ohhhhhhhhhh I was fucked by 3 guys and I was
enjoying a weirdpppp bi.
Believe me, I went crazy looking at my brother’s face and seeing the pleasure in that face . it was a great pleasure…. I had my brother underneath
me and he was fucking me crunchingly. I said ahhhhhhhhhhh ohhhhhhh mmmmm
fuck me fuck me men. what’s up, don’t ever take your dick out of my heart I
said mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm it was a really great pleasure.
I ejaculated 2 times before them trembling. I was getting fucked both in the butt and in the
ass. my ass and mouth were full of dicks. then my brother and
serkan changed places. my brother started to come in from my ass Serkanda my pussy.
ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh my men are great, i would like to see yaaaaa.
mmmmmmmm aaahhhhh then okan fucked my ass we fucked for about 1 hour
and then they all ejaculated in my mouth. i drank all of them cum xPPPPP
mmmmmmmmmmmm now my brother and his friends fuck me from time to time xD so you understand I was a bit of a
mess xD but my advice to girls, if you have a
brother you must fuck with him 😉 at least give him a little touch
. but fuck you with your brother

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