Hi, My name is Kezban. I am a 42-year-old woman living in Berlin, married, mother of 2 children, a sex lover. I have a 16-year-old son named Selim, a 24-year-old married daughter, and a very understanding husband. My sister also lives in Berlin. He is also married and has a 16-year-old son named Osman. This incident I’m going to tell you happened last summer, so it’s very fresh.Of course, by the way, I’ve become a Decadent from watching porn too

When the schools went on summer vacation in Berlin, me, my son Selim, my sister and her son Osman, the four of us went on vacation to Turkey. My husband and my brother-in-law couldn’t come, they have a joint construction company, “Things are very busy, you go take your vacation, we’ll go in the winter.” they said. So we went to Istanbul first, and from there to our summer house near Silivri. The first days at the summer house were rainy, we couldn’t leave the house, but then when the weather cleared, it was towards the sea. We were swimming in the sea almost all day, having fun. Because our place is very conservative, there are no bars like that, there are only casinos by the beach, so it’s a little boring.

It was the third day of our vacation, we were swimming in the sea again and joking. At one point, my sister’s son Osman touched my chest. Dec. I didn’t care that it happened by accident. But he will have taken courage because I didn’t make a sound, so he touched it again and squeezed it a little and left it. While I was thinking about what to do, he dived into the water behind me and touched my pussy, pretending to hold on to my legs. I was very surprised, because I never expected such a thing from him. He’s only 16, I got out of the water thinking what does he know. I sat next to my sister on the sand and started sunbathing. At one point, my sister said, “Sister, your son touched my pussy! Dec.I said. My sister looked at my face and burst out laughing, “Your boy also touched my pussy! Look at me, don’t let these get watered down for us?” said. I said, “They’re probably testing how far they’re going to go. These are just kids, what do they know about women?I said. My sister said, “You mean from fucking, right?” said. “And sis, what the fuck? How much more dicks are these!I said. My sister was thrown out, “They are 16 years old, I guess 18-20 cm. I suppose there is?” said. “I don’t know, Sis, the last time I saw Selim’s dick, he was only 9 years old, I haven’t seen him since!” I replied.

My sister said, “Come on girl, are you there, since they started this business, my son should fuck you, and you and your son should fuck me! We will not remain without men, but we will teach them everything they are curious about women!” said. “Sister, are you serious?I said. My sister said, “Well, I’m very serious! They’re at an age when they’re getting horny, or if not, they’ll go and haunt Bitches, get a disease or something. Or they will go astray and fuck each other!” said. I’ve been thinking a little, my sister wasn’t so wrong about what she said. “Okay, sister, I’m in!I said. My sister and I sat down and talked about this a little more, we planned how we would do it and so on. Then we got up to go to the summer house. When we left, we said to our sons, “We are going home, don’t stay too long, come, don’t stay outside in the midday sun!” we called out.

When we got home, we took a shower, put on a long T-shirt, we didn’t wear panties under our bottoms. About half an hour later, Selim and Osman arrived. To them, “Everything is sand, don’t sink the house, get in the shower immediately!” we said. Since the house is a Duplex, there are two separate showers, Selim entered one and Osman entered the other. So we sat in the hall, waiting for them, thinking about how to get into the word. Osman came first, sat Decently opposite me, next to his mother, his eyes were searching for legs. But he couldn’t see anything, I didn’t want to show it right away. Then my son Selim came and sat next to me. He was also looking at the legs of my sister, who was sitting right across from us. My sister started to say, to my son, “O Selim, did you touch my pussy on purpose at sea, or by accident?” said. Selim directly said, “Since you asked so clearly, Auntie, yes, I touched it on purpose!” said. My sister said, “Well, why did you do it?“ when he asked, Selim said, “Your son also touched my mother on purpose!” said. My sister busefer asked her own son, “So why did you touch your aunt, my child!” said.

And the son said, “Mom, we probably did it because we didn’t have a chance to pick up girls like that in this dirty place and do something! But the idea came out of my mind, to see if we could touch each other’s mother.” said. My sister let out her famous laugh again and said to my son, “Look at you son of a bitch! When did you grow up, become a man, and your dick got up, huh?” said. My son broke down, “Auntie, don’t call my mom a Bitch, look later…” he came out. My sister said, “Well, then? What will you do later?” said. “I know what I’m going to do, but I can’t say it here!” said. My sister got up from where she was sitting, came to us, grabbed my son by the arm and lifted him up, “Come on, you’re up with me!” he said, and he put it in front of him, they went up the stairs holding my son’s ass in the palm of their hands to the upstairs bedroom.

When my sister and my son disappeared from sight, Osman looked at me in a dazed way and said, “Where have they gone, what are they going to do?” he began to ask the stupid idiot. “Where do you think they’re going? Of course they’ve gone to the bedroom, they’re going to fuck!I said. This time Osman broke down, “Then are we going to fuck too, Auntie?” he asked pleadingly. In response, I spread my legs, smiling. You should have seen the way Osma looked at my pussy! His dick was up instantly, standing straight up in his shorts. “Come here, you horny thing!” when I said that, he immediately got up, came and stood in front of me, not knowing what to do. I took off his shorts by stripping down in one movement. His dick was a comfortable 20 cm, and the head of his dick touched his belly! First, I patted his dick a little by grabbing his balls and stroking them. Then I started licking his dick softly. When I took his cock in my mouth and started sucking, Osman held his breath with excitement and almost died of pleasure. It hasn’t been 2 minutes yet that he hung by my hair, stuck his dick all the way down my throat, shook, moaned, came into my mouth! There were so many sperm gushing out that I couldn’t swallow it all, some of it overflowed from my mouth!

I cleaned Osman’s cock and cum by licking it. Then I made it collapse in front of me and parted the lips of my pussy, “Show me your ingenuity! Lick my pussy!I said. Osman kissed my pussy, put his hands under my ass, raised my pussy a little, how he licks! In the 15-20 minute period when he licked my pussy, I had ejaculated and had an orgasm twice. I took off my T-shirt, gave my breasts to her mouth. He took turns sucking one, leaving it, taking the other in his mouth. After licking and sucking my breasts for a while, I put my hand on his dick. His cock hardened again, it stuck to his belly again. Pulling Osman towards me, I took the Decapitation of his cock in my mouth and wet it and placed his penis between my breasts, which I joined with my hands. Osman started to move back and forth between his dick and my breasts a little. Dec. after fucking my breasts for 4-5 minutes, I took his cock in my mouth again and sucked a little. I could suck for hours, he had such a sweet dick. But I cut it short, because I knew that Osman couldn’t wait to fuck my pussy.

Because the seats were uncomfortable, we got up and went to the downstairs bedroom. As soon as I was lying on my back on the bed, Osman lay down on top of me, taking his place between my legs. Dec. He stuck his dick into my already drenched watered pussy all at once and started walking back and forth like crazy. I was like, “Slow down!” when he said, he didn’t listen, he ejaculated in 2 minutes, he piled on top of me! “What am I doing, Auntie, I’m so excited, I’ve memorized all the panties you wear at home, since when have I been dreaming of fucking the one inside those panties!” said. Laughing, he said, “Wow, don’t jump, wow!” I said, I took this off me and laid it on my back. After licking the cum that was smeared on your dick, I took your balls in my mouth and started sucking. Then, when he licked the hole of his ass and inserted my tongue, Osman’s dick began to harden again. And I licked his dick a little and got on him like I was riding a horse. And I started getting up and down. This time I was setting the pace. And I made him fuck me in that position for 15-20 minutes without emptying the Osman.

Then I got off him, changed positions, curled him up on the bed, and pulled Osman behind me. I grabbed his dick and stuck it in my pussy from behind, “Don’t rush this time, honey, slowly fuck!I said. Osman started to come to my pussy slowly and fuck, enjoying it. I’ve had one more orgasm in these fucking 15 minutes. Why did Osman then notice my ass hole and started playing with my pucker. “Do you want it there too, darling?” when he asked, he swallowed and just said, “Huh, huh!” said. I put my hand behind my back and took his cock out of my pussy and placed it in the hole of my ass, “Come on, shove it, darling! But, slow down!I said. Osman separated the cheeks of my ass with his hands and began to load. So I put my ass well back, dimpled my waist and buried my head in the pillow. Since my husband and I also fuck from the ass, my ass is used to being fucked, and I also enjoy the ass a lot. I also took Osman’s dick up to the root of my ass without difficulty. Osman slowly started to fuck my ass. after fucking at a slow pace for about 10 minutes, he said, “Now speed up, darling!I said. My ass had come to a good consistency. Osman began to accelerate.

He was fucking my ass fast, but I needed to be fucked much faster and very hard so that I could enjoy my ass. “Fuck faster! Fuck my ass harder!” I was saying, but Osman couldn’t pump hard enough. To gas Osman, “Selim is upstairs right now fucking your fucking motherfucker! He must be moaning! He’s tearing your mother’s pussy and ass to pieces, he’s smashing it! Come on, you smash my ass too! Avenge your mother, darling!” when he said, how he came to fill up! “Shut up, you fucking Bitch, don’t involve my mother!” saying, how he started pumping my ass! He was fucking my ass like he was officially crazy, mad. Dick, as he goes in and out of my ass like a sewing machine at top speed, “Slap! Slap! Pat! Pat!” I’m sure their voices were heard all the way from above. I even thought that the bed would break Decently at some point. Hanging my hair, he fucked my ass with such ambition that I had an orgasm from my ass and pussy! Before long, Osman also squirted his cum into my ass and piled on top of me. We got dressed, went into the hall, sat down. and 20 minutes later, my sister and my son came down in a miserable state…

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