8tee film

I am 34, my wife is 30 years old. I work in the private sector and my wife
works in the public sector. We have a very active sex life. Even on my wife’s special days
, we can’t wait most of the time, we have intercourse.
We produce different fantasies in our relationships . Our exes, our neighbors, our relatives,
our friends. Anyone can be. One night, my wife
talked about her female friend with whom she works. No water could seep through them.
They told each other secrets about their sexual life . That lady’s wife was with another
woman. When their children grew up, they decided to divorce.
He asked me to imagine that lady when I was having intercourse.
I fucked my wife like she was the lady . In the following days, his friend began to come to us frequently,
When we went to a picnic or something, we took it and left. There was one of us
and one of her children and they were the same age, the
children liked to play with each other. My wife’s friend
started to walk around our house very comfortably, she was brewing tea, cooking and vacuuming the floors.
When they got together with my wife, they had so much fun, my wife almost
forgot about me. I was frequently catching snaps. My wife was prettier than her, but the
room wasn’t bad. One night, while I was
fantasizing, I brought it up to him, and my wife agreed, and we made love like that. When I came home one day,
there was a difference in the house, but what was it? They were in the room, talking. I watched TV for almost 2 hours
and there was no one around. Then my wife called here
for you to come. When I went to the living room, the light was dim and she was wearing a mini skirt on both sides.
They turned on slow music and my wife started dancing with me, her female friend
was watching us while sitting with a glass in her hand. After 5 minutes, my wife sat down and the lady
started dancing with me. they were both tipsy. He literally leaned his body
against me while dancing. After half an hour, I ended the dance and
took the lady in my arms and went to the bedroom. In the bedroom, she was carefully
prepared for sex, with a condom or something on the nightstand
. My wife followed us into the bedroom. I undressed the woman and
started to bite her, then the woman slipped sideways my wife came under me a couple of tens
and then pulled the woman back under me like this and both of them
I went in and out. When I realized that I was going to ejaculate, I took the woman under me again and
ejaculated on her. After this incident, we did not go to bed again, but he continues to come and go to us
. When I want to talk to my wife about him, he doesn’t let me talk
. It was a different experience, I was very happy, but it is as if my wife and that
lady both regret this incident and do not want to remember it.

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