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Hi, I’m destiny 23 years old, I’m a tall brunette woman, I work at the reception in a hotel and I stay in the lodging of the place where I work. The fact that I don’t have a family also causes this. There are many lesbian couples in the hotel where I work, and one of them is my roommate. When it’s empty, I poke around in my underwear and catch it from time to time, but every time it escapes my hand, the fact that there is no one in my life for a long time justifies it. After all, I’m in a hotel 24/7 and I don’t have a private life, unfortunately I pass my needs by watching porn. One day, while I was trying to sleep in the room, I came to my bed and caught him rubbing his hands on my hips. When I asked him, he said that I did it with a momentary feeling and during sleep, but I didn’t believe it because I caught him watching lesbian porn on his phone a few times, and I understood that my roommate was a lesbian and obsessed with me. I took a shower in the morning, and it turned out that he was watching me while I was in the shower, of course, he watched me while I was trying to relax in the shower, I forgot the towel in my room. I brought the towel to the bathroom without telling me, I asked him if he was watching me. He said yes, it was nice to even watch you. I was constantly getting abused by my roommate, but I was trying not to wear it too much until one night I couldn’t help myself after drinking too much and I approached and had a great night with him with the beauty of my head. I’ve always thought about how lesbians satisfy each other, how they enjoy each other, but after I tasted it, I realized that it was quite beautiful. It would be nice if I could hardly remember what I did with my drunk mind the next day. While my bitch lesbian friend moans on me, I spread her legs and fuck me with a fake cock, I separate her hips and make them tides on me, while the bitch puts her lesbian tits in my mouth and pulls them out, I fuck her with a dick. These were not enough for me, I tied the hands of the cheddar to the bed, covered his mouth with a tape, tortured me, licking and fucking on the other hand. With his hands tied, I was sitting on his face and licking my pussy, not only that, I licked my asshole. After a long time, such a sex was very good for me, now I became a lesbian too, being active is good, my bitch roommate has become my relaxation mechanism now. The room was very pleased with its state, as a result, both myself and I were relieved. Sometimes we even get into group relationships, of course, we can’t do this every time. We find it difficult to find couples who want to make a group, but we bring them in another city sometimes, it’s more fun that way. The bitch herself knows very well that one person is not enough for me and she will do everything to keep me from her. My favorite thing about group sexes was the fact that they had multiple artificial cocks and their sizes were different from each other. 3 different cocks per hour were barely enough for me, of course, it works for them to be insatiable. In fact, one day, my colleagues and I made a group of 6 people, two couples, and that night, the fantasies were flying in the air, did the hotel get up because of the hotel moaning, we were working in the tub while taking a milk bath on the one hand, mmmm it still tastes like I’m going to have an orgasm when I think of it. My bitch lesbian friend was well fed up with her now and that’s why I sent her out of my life and made another lesbian friend instead, and I gave my check-out from the hotel where I worked much better than the other one, just because of that, I’m glad I did.

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