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Greetings, I’m Nuri, a handsome man of 28 years old with athletic body lines. I got engaged to the girl I met 2 years ago, and then I decided to marry and got married. After I got married, I became very close to his family, and my relationship with the wife of my wife’s brother Kemal, that is, the aunt of my marriage, started to establish a good friendship between us. At first, we used to talk and talk, then chat and talk, but when we suddenly realized that we were very good for each other, we started to talk a lot at this time. One night my phone rang, my wife’s aunt was calling and my wife was happily asleep. When he called me, I answered thinking that something was wrong. When you said to me that I need you a lot, I said what happened. Talking with you is good for me. I’m not on good terms with my husband at all, but suddenly the subject of sex started. My husband does not satisfy me at all, in fact, as I get to know you, I constantly think of you, even when I give it to my husband, I dream of you. I can’t be satisfied at all. It’s hard for me to spend time thinking about you. When we started talking for a long time at night, we wanted to meet the next day. The meeting place must have been very secret because no one should see us, I also had a home, and if anyone found out about us, our lives would be in pieces. I secretly went and got a room in a hotel room. Then I called him and told him the room number of the hotel and waited for him to come to me. I was dressed very stylishly, I sprayed scents because the woman next to me was a very cool and sexy woman. When I gave her the room number, she was right next to me and when I greeted her at the door, there was a perfect woman. I took it in, when I realized that it was on me suddenly, it came on me without even wanting to speak. I was waiting with longing like him. It was a moment before we went to bed, I took it under me, I took off the sexy outfit on it, and the room took my clothes off. We started making love like crazy, it was very nice to me that she was a horny willing woman. I got goosebumps when he started licking my whole body with his fiery lips. As he kissed and licked me, I was passing by, then when he wanted to take it in his mouth, she asked me to lie down with a pillow under my head. I let myself go, it was a pleasure to have a sex-crazed chick who wanted me so much. Everything went as we wanted, he gave me my first ejaculation with his mouth. Of course, will I be finished? I had a desire to have sex as if I had a sperm factory. After my first ejaculation, I wanted to dope her, she put her hands up and lifted her ass to position me. I had opened her hips to get her inside. I can say that I am like a flame, I managed to fuck him for a long time and empty him 3 times, at the same time the room obviously emptied me. That day I had the chance to have sex with my wife’s aunt. Then when we were satisfied, we left the hotel and I went to his house. I didn’t even want to spend time with my wife in the evening because I had sex until the evening. Because he had better sex than my wife, and I had never had sex like this before. That day passed like that, of course, is it possible to forget him? After talking on the phone for a few days, we wanted to meet again. He said let’s meet at the weekend and I said ok, then when the weekend came, we had a meeting at another hotel this time, and we had a very good time that day. When our meeting a few times showed us that we valued each other, we began our relationship in secret escapades. It was not very pleasant to have a secret meeting with my wife, but it was impossible to say that such a woman did not exist. Our relationship is going well for now, I enjoy the room, it’s like that, it always made me feel that it’s very obvious. After spending time with these stories every night, I wanted to share this story, and I thank those who took the time to read my story and say goodbye to you.

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