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I’m an ordinary 35-year-old man with a normal life.
Constantly to my work, from my work to my home; I have been commuting from my home to my work in the cycle
for a long time. Moreover, since we have 3
we do not have much time to do other activities. When we say problems of the house, financial problems or children,
life goes away. Naturally, fuck, sex, fun nights
are also history. That is, until my wife’s special
surprise last night. My wife will be aware of the frictions,
incompatibility and the coldness between us, so
she greeted me very warmly when I came home last night.
He left the children to his mother so that his mother is 2 floors above us.
sitting, there is no problem for us. Anyway, in this
tiny skirt and still the sexiest, she came up to
me and clung to me and
said, “Return me to 20 years ago tonight.” Of course, my boy was well erected after years and
I was already 20 years ago with the excitement of fucking. Anyway , we ate
a few romantic things at the very special dinner he prepared before,
but I didn’t care about anything at that moment. All I knew
was to quickly get past the food and start fucking.
Because after 35, there is not much romance left, especially if you haven’t been
fucking like a man for years. We ate romantically with wine at the table for half an hour, and as soon
as the meal was over, we did this.
“You’re too fast,”
my wife said. As I lifted the mini skirt on it non-stop, I
dived in and started to fuck. I screwed up and fucked myself, I fucked myself, I
fucked standing up, I took advantage of the opportunity, I
made lots of sex intermittently until the morning, I fucked a lot. We had never been
this close to each other before, and by morning I was both pleasant and
tired. Naturally, I couldn’t go to work, and we made
love from time to time again until the evening, from the kids until we came back from school.
It was the best night I’ve had in years .

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