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Hello, I am writing from Istanbul. I am 43 years old and 165 cm tall.
I would like to share an event that changed my life 8 months ago . My bride is
32 years old, she is a 178-year-old
woman with big breasts, blond, wide hips . He turned out to be a smart and respectful, compliant person. One morning, the sound of fighting was coming from the boy’s room, my son left the house saying, “I’m tired of you treating me like I’m a child, get out of my head”. Of course, my wife was supporting my son, I was always on my side, my wife got angry and went down to the neighbor downstairs.

He said that he wanted to come and talk to me and that only I
understood him in this house.
My Bride: “Look daddy 4 years ago, your son
loved me like crazy, I told him that I am beautiful, I have a beautiful body, that he
adores me, that he wants to marry me, that there is an age difference, he said that
age does not matter and we got married, now he says he does not love
me, He says that he likes crunchies, not built like me. I even
got a couple of phone numbers and he wants to divorce me .
” Me too: “don’t worry about yourself, you can’t go anywhere from this house while I’m around, you don’t have a father, your mother is married to someone else, we will throw you out of the street?

When I said “he gave me a hug, crying and happy
, don’t ask, I was out of breath, it was as if his big tits were going to pierce my chest, it
was so big and hard, I felt weird, he doesn’t let my neck go, he
presses my head to his breasts,
stroking my head and:” what would it be like if I have a mature understanding
husband like you? He said, “You are a wonderful person, you are a wonderful person” and kissed me on my faces and
went to wash his face, but I passed out in his arms, he came back
and sat next to me: “I am amazed how you spent time with my mother-in-law all these years
” and he was right, my wife was a very grumpy woman.
I said: “What should we do, do you believe that this is my destiny, we
haven’t even been in a relationship for the last 3 years, how old are we?
When I said, “I am patient, my bride came a little closer to me and
stroked my hair and leaned my head on her breasts again, as if I was her child
and she was caressing me very tenderly. My Bride: “I want it so much” Me: “Yes , even when
you hug me, I feel weird and upset, but unfortunately it is, but unfortunately it is like that:” When he said, “Why should a person like you be upset, he deserves this so much.” While I was caressing the doorbell suddenly came. She was my wife and got up quickly, saying “We’ll continue later “. I couldn’t fit in anymore. I was looking forward to the moment we would have sex. While I was having dinner, my son told his mother that he could come to see his uncle if he wanted to.

my wife immediately agreed and I told her she could go, how can I go, because that
was going to fuck
my bride, my bride had nothing to say to her joy. I will take you to the top, I will make you the happiest man in the world” he says, on the one hand he reaches from behind and caresses my dick, on the other hand, he was licking my earlobes from behind because he was tall, I wanted to face him, he wouldn’t let me face to face, so stop I will love you with my hands and my tongue first, leave yourself to me. And I was completely hers, first she stripped me naked, starting at my ears

He was both loving and licking my neck, back, hips, then he parted
my ass with his hands and started to tongue my ass hole wildly, it was amazing, it
was the first time I had such pleasure.
My dick was like a stone, then he turned me towards himself and started to lick my
dick . We went to the bathroom, he washed my dick with his hands and his own mouth, we went to the bedroom. My bride said: “Come on, come sit on my lap and let me relax you in my lap”, I sat down facing his face and we started.

kissing like crazy, his lips were like fire, he was melting me
. On the one hand, he loves my back and my hips, and he was putting his middle finger in my ass
hole, I couldn’t say anything, I liked it,
then he lay on my back and I was on top of it “Come on, it’s your turn, lick
me all around, drive me crazy” I started sucking those big tits for 10 minutes .I
sucked on it, then I went down and my amazing cunt was
in front of me, it was swollen, the room was making deep oohs as I sucked and licked it
My Bride:”You lick so well baby go on OOOHHHH!!!!Your SON CAN’T LICK THAT BEAUTIFULLY
I’ll be a victim, keep
it up!!!!!!!!”she said, after a while I couldn’t stand it anymore and she was beautiful
I started to fuck her pussy. I fucked her for at least 15 minutes because it was the second post. We were
both crazy, our voices of pleasure were mixing together, we ejaculated screaming together at the same
time. I told
her that I was perfect and I told her that she was perfect.
My Bride: “Do you want to fuck in your ass, my love, come on, I
‘ll get your dick out of there, don’t you get a fuck?”
My Bride: “Look, my love, you are my man now, because you took care of me,
this body will be sacrificed for you, we can fuck whenever you want, I love you from all over my ass and
mouth, I love you from all over me , I’m coming, I’m coming, you understand, I do
n’t know any limits in fuck, so I licked your ass too
and I put my finger in because I like it so much. maybe my horniness
was too much for his son“
I said:“Believe me, I like you licking my ass, it’s the first time I’ve experienced such a thing
, you’re very experienced, I love you” I said, he started to lick my dick, after a while my dick
turned into a stone, before I licked his hole and slowly I started to insert it and it
was all over my butt. It was like I was fucking
my pussy, not the ass .
It went on for 10 minutes.

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