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As a married couple, we started by having bedroom fantasies. Then
we were trying to get an idea by reading the story pages.
And the married couples on the pages caught our attention.

We started to correspond with a couple of people from here, we even had chats and virtual sex with msn messenger, and finally
we decided to do this event with a couple in Istanbul. We thought a
lot about whether we should do it or not.

But everything was going well in reality, so logic sometimes said no, but
our instincts did not leave us alone. And we agreed for a weekend.
We didn’t see any problems as a couple after we had a cup of tea and coffee outside first,
I think harmony is a must. We talked to many people , you may
not believe it, but we talked to people from headscarves
to places and people that you can’t think of.

But as I said, first of all, harmony is a must. Then we didn’t keep the tea session long. There
was no strength left on either side and we went home. There was uneasiness about who
will start first at home and how. Well, it’s not
an easy job.

In other words, after security and privacy, the most important thing is webcam, so people
are sending pictures or asking for pictures, but it is not an easy task,
I think there is a lot of deception in this virtual world. Anyway, let’s go home. When the phase of thinking about who will start first
dragged on, I first started with my wife and this
is how the event gained momentum and we took the event to the bedroom.

The bedroom has never seen such a fuck.
We made all our fantasies come true, from the sandwich event . When a man’s favorite thing was to
be with two women, to be with a woman and two men at the same time,
we got tired and left the ladies with each other, watching two women make love while smoking cigarettes
was really arousing.

Of course, we started to think about how it will be after this incident, but
when we sent our guests, we did not have any problems at home, even our bedroom
started to be colorful and exciting as before.

I don’t know, it may seem strange for many couples, but as time progresses,
people start to look for change and old excitements, and with this event
, people experience good feelings such as catching the old excitement. As I said
, it is very difficult to live these events.

In other words, our advice to couples who think about this event and want to do it at first,
you will get a webcam. Then Hotmail
will know to use masenger. Not so much with those who don’t know about them anyway.
It stays that way. We’re two couples hanging out right now.
We welcome couples who want to join us . Of course, it is useful to remind the priorities

To ensure confidentiality and compliance.

good day everyone

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