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First of all, let me introduce myself, my name is zeynep, I live in Istanbul, I lived in a village of Anatolia until I got married, I’m a peasant girl now I’m 30 years old, what happened to me when I was 22 years old. I’m a 160 height 51-52 kg crispy beautiful woman. About 8 years ago, my sister and brother-in-law came to visit us in the village on a winter day. His child would sleep in that room, and in the other room, my brother’s 5 children and my sister and brother-in-law would sleep in one.

Everyone retreated to their room, the stoves burned, there was no stove in the room where my sisters slept, so they could manage with an electric blanket and catalytic. I had to turn off the catalytic when it was around 12 o’clock, there is a fear of poisoning with cylinder gas. I had to lie on the cold bed shivering and shrank, my uncle must have noticed that I was cold, he said to my sister, I’m lying on her feet, it’s a pity that zeynep should sleep next to you

It’s cold, my sister told me, and I accepted helplessly. I went in I curled up on the bed it was warm where my brother-in-law slept his long feet come out of the quilt at our head anyway my foot touches my brother-in-law as the hours go by my brother-in-law inevitably actually sleeps and his sleep is very heavy I know this very well by the way my foot touches the bulge in front of him as my brother-in-law turns left and right I felt the stiffness involuntarily like this for 1-2 hours. At the end, something started to stir inside me, too, I went into the bed completely and moved my hips left and right to touch the front of the brother-in-law, I reached orgasm in that cold, my brother-in-law was still asleep, at least I guess so.. An impulse against my brother-in-law started to form. After that night, I couldn’t take my eyes off my brother-in-law. a year away

It passed, I got married and I went to Istanbul, my wife was 12 years older than me, my family forced me to get rid of the village mistake, we got married with the hope that maybe I will love my wife in the future. It was the 6th month of my marriage, I went to the village on a summer day, my sister came and we were going to get rid of the longing for the village together for a month, my mother got sick when we took her to the hospital, we learned that my mother had serious cancer, we were all devastated. In a call from my sister, she said that my mother would be treated in the hospital for a very long time and she would be a companion, but my sister had 2 small children, and when my sister was accompanied, there was no one to look after them.

During the treatment process, my brother-in-law was tearing himself apart, both financially and morally, I called my wife and told what happened, and I went to my sisters to take care of my sister’s children for a while. My brother-in-law met me at the bus station, after a little chat along the way, we went directly to the hospital. After the visit, we went home, I stayed with the children and my brother-in-law went to work. 2 days passed, at the time of the visit, my sister said that she should go home and take a shower and we came home together. After a while, voices came from the room and I overheard him involuntarily. My sister was telling my brother-in-law about my situation.

I was so sad and embarrassed.for a while, their voices stopped and a voice said, ohhh, I understood that they were having sex, I sat by the door and listened to their making love sounds, even the sounds they made showed how pleasant and pleasurable they were making love, suddenly I compared my own marriage life, our sex life and my sister’s, even though it’s been 6 months since we got married, we haven’t had sex even 4-5 times. Even if we did it for 2-3 minutes, it would get inside me in one position, it would empty immediately, he would turn his back and lie down, he wouldn’t even ask if I was satisfied. More than half an hour had passed. Their voices stopped. My sister came out and took a shower and said, “Let’s go, let’s go.” On the way, we stopped by a store and my sister He called me and said we would buy some clothes and underwear. My brother-in-law gave the money to my sister.my brother-in-law.

After a while, I said I’m going to bed and left the room. I wanted to make love. When I entered the room, my brother-in-law was wearing his shorts and he was standing in an athlete because there was no one left, he suddenly got up and said no, sister-in-law, I couldn’t sleep, he said no, did something happen?

He teased me because he missed me, oh my uncle, what should I miss, look how many days he has come, he hasn’t even made a phone call, let’s go, my mother complained that a sick person wouldn’t even call to ask him, he said you’re right, he said it’s okay, he asked what’s wrong, he was a disinterested person, a newlywed person I asked him how long he could stay away from his wife, brother-in-law. he said, but he didn’t mind, he looked up from my brother-in-law’s shorts, he was in his tool, he already set up the tent, after a little trouble, I said I’ll go to bed and went.

After a while I turned off the lights. but my mind was on my brother-in-law I was thinking how lucky my sister is. my brother-in-law soaping himself with his back turned, my tall brother-in-law had perfect hips when he suddenly turned around like an athlete, I couldn’t believe my eyes, what was the room like, I thought my wife’s dick, about 12-13 cm, was big, it was like a giant, it was like soggy water, my bottom was self-satisfied The view I saw when the room was empty is amazing

Her job is perfect, her squirt is perfect as if she is ejaculating on my breasts, I took pleasure in it as if it was ejaculating on me, I had an orgasm on my own, I immediately got up in front of the door, went to my room, I left my room door ajar on purpose, hoping that he would follow me from the room while I was going through the bathroom, but in vain.It was the next day, it was the next day, I got up on Sunday morning, I prepared breakfast, but there was no shield, I wanted to wake the children, but my brother-in-law was still asleep, I wanted to go and knock on his door, but I was afraid of his misunderstanding, I couldn’t, but I finally got myself together and decided to knock on the door, he was ready in my excuse. He didn’t even hear the doorbell, so I opened the door, I looked through the gap, he threw the blanket over him, he turned his back, he was only lying in panties, he took off his clothes because of the heat, I watched him for a while, I dreamed about him, but when he suddenly changed his direction and turned, he told me

I saw that his right penis was sticking out like an arm that couldn’t fit in his panties, I looked and looked, I decided to do my best for minutes, I decided to go and touch my brother-in-law with my hand without waking my brother-in-law. I did everything with my tongue, I touched it with my tongue, it was like salted with the smell of your sweat, but even the salt was very sweet to me.

At that moment, I was confused what to do, sister-in-law, she just said no, the room couldn’t say anything else, I stayed as I was sitting on the edge of the bed, I turned my back, I was looking at the carpet with my red face, she came and sat next to me, she stroked my hair and comforted me. he grabbed my hand and he lifted me up, his hands were warm, he burned me, I literally said, uncle, I was very bad, and hugged his neck, feeling his smell on his bare skin, wide shoulders, it was so nice to hug him, he grabbed my chin, he lifted my head, look, sister-in-law, he said a hunger longing may be a wonder but how true is this, this is my sister’s bed. I’m your brother-in-law, every man dreams of a beautiful young girl like you, but you are my sister-in-law, tell me what should I do now, what will happen to your uncle?I was able to say don’t tell he said ok

This will remain a secret between us, but I don’t want to disappoint you, you are a woman, you are a woman, you have feelings, I am aware of the way you look at me for years, that’s why when you said that I will rain whatever you want with you for the first and last time, I could say my dear brother-in-law with a smile on my face. then slowly I kissed her muscular breasts and landed on her perfect dick that I only touched small and made small contact with my tongue I grabbed it with my hand and put it in my mouth even my uncle was holding my hair and pressing it further down my throat he was inserting it until it touched my small tongue without exaggeration

I collapsed without moving. After 1-2 minutes, I was reborn, he slowly told me to sit down.

When I got up, she called me a virgin sister-in-law, I didn’t understand why she said such a thing before, but when I looked later, I saw that I was still a girl and my membrane had just been torn. On our wedding night, we thought that it was flexible, but my brother-in-law took my maidenhood. he opened my legs from behind and fucked me for hours in unimaginable ways in the position I learned from my brother-in-law that it was the X position. Finally, we went to the bathroom, I had a nice oral sex there, but I emptied it by taking it in my mouth, my dear brother-in-law my mother was in the hospital for about 6 months. I stayed and slept with my brother-in-law I woke up with my brother-in-law and got pregnant in my sister’s bed now I have 2 children he looks like my brother-in-law the other one looks like my husband with all their manners with their kindness and rudeness haaa my wife is suspicious but

Porn stories She doesn’t make a sound because she has nothing to do with me, so she accepts walking around with her horns. If you say you continue now, no, I don’t want to destroy my sister’s nest, it happened years ago, it’s over, now we see each other once or twice a year as a sister-in-law, I remember those moments, but I say fate, my sister’s butterfly with melon honey has fallen on me, you guys. Decide and comment how many times a person has sex with his wife in 8 years. If you add up our sex, it has not been 50, this is our life, this is our marriage life right now, if this is called marriage, thank God I am working now 2 hours from evening to evening either I see or not see his face, he uses the house as a hotel, you officially tell me What should I do

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