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I told you about this sweet incident that happened to me before. My name is
Cansu, before I could understand this incident that had just been reprinted, I was crazy
again. This sweet and pleasant craziness I made still makes
me shiver
. I got out of my workplace
. .thoughts are gnawing at my heart, I was still thinking about this crazy
and dangerous and adventurous event that I did this summer, and I was trying to get out of it. But I still wanted it. It was
very nice and sweet . My wife would close her shop and come.

I came to her house, she opened the door happily, and I immediately entered the kitchen. I was afraid to meet her. I was afraid to meet her. I would meet her again, I could not avoid
her all night
. I went to the hall to say welcome to the guests and when it was her
turn, I hesitated. The little boy looked at me and
hugged me. optu from my cheeks, I ruffled your hair as if nothing happened. I said you
are not doing any naughty mischief , while
smiling, their gaze was watering my whole body small. I missed the
dessert with shining eyes. I told my mother. I told my mother it was beautiful and I said it was beautiful
in this summer.
Come when you’re bored, you won’t leave your sister alone

I said .
_ I did n’t think.. meanwhile, she came to me. Cansu said, please take a break from the
awls . we came home tonight, for the first time in my house, a young boy will be a new man, boiling hot and me

He was going to meet with my irresistible desire. I was nervous. I couldn’t get it out of my mind
For some reason I gave it my nightgown for comfort. I found my husband’s long shorts like a sweatpants from my bedroom and I called the little boy
, I said I guess you won’t get tired, and he came to me because the t-shirt was enough
, I’m comfortable next to you . I miss you so
much. I miss you so
much. these big words were coming out. And at that moment, he hugged his
arms as if they were stronger and he started kissing as soon as he stopped I said don’t
do it but I’m so hot he kept saying he had one hand on my hip and his head was on my chest because
he was younger than me
The little one tries to bite my nipples sometimes it catches my nipples that moment
was weird I couldn’t even try to put up with the mother I thought I wanted it to go on even more
I said please stop do n’t do it I’ll give you what you
want but never again you don’t understand this is wrong and it’s very
dangerous never tell me again .saskin looked confused and vomited, what would she
know , I was trying to restrain myself because of the ban. I left the room, sat on the bed
, my deep breathing slowed down. I was very nice. I
. was looking for an open channel on the satellite. chat with joy

He looks at my forbidden hanger about marriage and photos while I’m in the eye, he stands with a vomit when we come to our eyes, he laughs at my heart, I knew that they all gave the same reaction when
the men said no . it hurt me up to ten and my breasts got harder with his touch. I didn’t care. He was trying to fix his pants. He was trying to close his pants with a squeak . I was smiling slightly and making him angry.

i would play, give her squeaks and let her have me for a while then she would try to take over my whole body
so fast and madly . I looked at it, it’s progressed now, at midnight, if you’re sleepy to my little darling, he said , “I’ll make you bed,” he said. I think he understood that the treasure he hoped for would no longer be his , but I was going to give him that treasure for the last time, as he will remember it for the rest of his life. We were going to sleep in my bedroom with joy. I looked at my coffee fortune and closed my living room door. I called

He said they were sitting with the key next to him, maybe he could come, I said relax, I’m
not alone if you want, stay if you want, and I took care of this. Horny high
school was on the satellite channel, and the channels were still open. I lay down
comfortably with the lamp off. After talking a few things cheerfully, you go to
sleep. I left my room
. He opened the bathroom door and the lamp. I went to the living room. I went to the balcony and entered the living
room from the balcony. Its door is always open during the summer. Since the weather is
hot, I looked at the TV on the horny floor bed and it was small but now it was
huge. I approached it
. .oo pervert, what are you doing?
I said he doesn’t care about my sight. He always wants you. I’m hungry. He wants you. It’s not nice
. It’s not nice
to go inside. He must feel the warmth of it. He was slowly trying to kiss me on my neck as if he didn’t want to hurt me. I said, “Did you love me before, how do you know ? ” his face is behind me now

I was licking his
cheeks, I was biting small. It was tight , it was big and it was getting bigger in my mouth when I licked it . My room was kissing my little baby
with his tongue. He was trying to lick
me with
his tongue. It was driving me crazy. I wanted it, honey, I said come on, it
smelled like
my husband had put it in.

he got in between my legs he was sweating and sweat was dripping from your whole body
are you not here yet i came before i was
watching the movie you just came back didn’t
see it he said It’s very nice, as if it would always squeeze me in his lap for hours. He was more squeezing than my husband . He didn’t get tired. He was accelerating. I was coming 3 times.

I scratched the places I held, I was biting his shoulder , he smelled me for the last time and he made me scream with a
wheeze and suffocated him too I can’t say it’s the last and I hope it won’t happen.

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