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Hello, my name is Nazan. I am 1.72 meters tall, 50 kilos, auburn, wheat-skinned, full
breasted, hips protruding back, in short, I am a wonderful woman that men
are dying to fuck. I am married and my wife Tamer is a wonderful
man. I am 21 and he is 24 years old. Married. It’s been exactly 2 years but we still haven’t had a
My sex with my wife is usually long and beautiful. She puts me to bed and licks , sucks, bites and drives me crazy all
over my pussy and ass for a whole hour. I can’t even feel his presence, coming in and out. As soon as he gets inside my flaming pussy, it immediately empties. He fucks me with my hand

I satisfy myself and act as if I enjoyed it.
But apart from sex, we have a happy marriage and I love him very much . It all started after Tamer asked me to tell a fantasy while we
were making love one night . When I asked him what kind of fantasy he wanted me to tell him, he said “I want you to tell it like you’re having sex with another man” . Hearing that makes my pussy wet. But I was still hesitant , wondering if he was looking for my mouth. So I replied to her, “Then you start first, I’ll continue .” Fucking someone with a huge cock

He was licking my pussy with such a big appetite that
I couldn’t suppress myself anymore and I told him a very nice fucking fantasy
. At that moment, I had a nice fuck with him in my imagination, thinking of another man .
For the first time, I was cheating on my husband in my dreams and
I had incredible pleasure.
I was starting to think about how this could be real. Now every time we make love,
I tell him fantasies, fuck myself with other men
, sometimes I take both cocks in me and make mad
love. I was telling such things that he was trying to give my husband more pleasure , to give
him a fuck about other men as soon as possible. I was laying the groundwork
While I was narrating the fantasy, he started to groan and said, “oooh fuck me
. I want a
dick … But I wanted to use this opportunity well and realize the idea of ​​having sex with another man as soon as possible . “Do you enjoy watching us, my husband? Aren’t you jealous of me?” I asked a question to search her mouth. She replied, “I’m jealous, wife, but I like it very much. Who knows how nice it would be to watch you fuck with another man. ”

If it gives you pleasure, I will do it for you with pleasure, and I will be jealous, but
I only love you, my dear,” he replied, while pressing my pussy to
his mouth and face. I was dying to get
other men to fuck myself in front of my husband.
I knew that after convincing him, this door would open and I would spend the day
with other men and their huge dicks .
I could even
fuck with some of his friends that I like very much. This coin came to my mind all of a sudden. After licking my
pussy, it went to fuck.
Again, as usual, he laid me on his back and
started to fuck me. I brought my lips close to his ear and said, “Sok Serkan,
fuck me crunching in front of my husband.”
I started saying the name of a friend of my husband’s . My husband didn’t make a sound and he was fucking me hotter and faster .
I realized that he was enjoying it too . He squirted into me. He lay down next to me and said to me, “This Serkan is not our Serkan .” I replied, “yes, husband”. “Do you want to fuck with him?” My heart felt like it would stop the moment he said it. But I shouldn’t have stopped and I mustered up all my courage and replied, “Yes…

You must be very sexy tomorrow night.” I was shocked and the
world was mine at the same time. I was looking forward to the next day. When my husband went to work,
I got out of bed, washed well, waxed my legs and ass, put on my
sexiest outfit and black silky
underwear towards the evening, put on a sexy make-up on my face and I was waiting for the smells
to crawl.
Not long after, there was a knock on the door and my hands and feet began to tremble with excitement. When
I opened the door, a surprise awaited me.
There was another man with Serkan next to my husband . Apparently, my husband
wanted to watch me fuck with two people at the same time
. Serkan 1.85
He is 80 kilos tall, athletic, dark-haired and very handsome.
The one next to him is not inferior to him. It seems that tonight
will be my night. I put these thoughts aside and
said “Welcome” to our guests and my beloved husband with a sweet and sexy smile and immediately went to the living room
. They introduced me to our new guest
. He was Serkan’s partner. Partnerships would consolidate and
they would become partners with my husband from now on.
Of course, I would be happy to be in the capital.
After the reciprocity and remembering chapter, we all ate the meals I prepared
for Serkan with pleasure. Meanwhile, he gives our guests sexy looks, “I wonder why?
Do they know they’re coming?”
I was trying to read something from his eyes . Later, while I was in the kitchen, my husband came to me. I immediately
asked him a question with great curiosity, “Did you tell them?” My husband said,
“No, I didn’t dare. Just let’s go to us, we’ll have dinner too. I
said Nazan’s cooking is excellent and they came too.” He
replied . “Don’t worry, I’ll take care of it, you stay here and come back later. You can watch while they fuck me, okay, husband*” I said and went to the living room. The two partners were sitting side by side.

I went over to them and sat in the middle of them and held out my hands to both of them at the same time
and said, “How about we make this night a little better*?” Both
of them were very scared and excitedly, Serkan said, “Nazan! Tamer comes, what are you doing now?”
said. And I said, “Don’t be afraid, darling. We had already invited you home for this job. But
Murat’s arrival was a complete surprise. Fuck
me in front of my husband,” I said, stroking his dicks over his pants. That was enough to fire them up. Serkan said
, “This is a big surprise for us, isn’t it, Murat? I impatiently unzipped Serkan. When I took his dick in my hand, I was overwhelmed with an incredible feeling. For the first time after my husband, another dick

I was being read to a real
cock. Serkan had a much bigger cock than in my dreams.
I called out to them to show my husband what I was going to do, by saying, “Husband
, you can come, everything is fine.” Actually, this made me hotter.
I was going to fuck in front of my husband and he would jerk off
just by watching them fuck me. My pussy was soaked in an instant. As soon as my husband
came, Serkan said, “Tamer, why didn’t you tell
me this before, believe me, I would fuck your wife with pleasure”. My husband said, “No, man.
These feelings did not exist before, I saw that our marriage and sex life
became monotonous, so we decided to do it,” she replied. My husband sat right in
front of us. I immediately brought Serkan’s dick to my lips and shook his head.
I started sucking, licking. I only took my husband’s cock in my mouth once or twice
, and once it ejaculated in my mouth, I was so disgusted that I never had oral sex again. But
this cock was different and
I wanted to lick and swallow all the cum inside
it. By the way, Murat was
sucking my hairless pussy, which I made on my new wax , that my body immediately
started to shake. He inserts his tongue into my ass, goes down my ass parallel to my ass
, swallows all the water in my soaked
I was getting used to Tamer and not being affected by his touches. But
these two men were rekindling all my feelings. Meanwhile, my
poor husband was stroking his lost dick in his palm, and he was now
shooting 31 as you do by reading these articles.
I was officially exploiting Serkan stuck to his big dick like a tick. I was
using my mouth like a cunt and fucking Serkan.
I licked it down with my tongue and
I wanted to pour it into my mouth. As I said, the pleasure I got was great, and with the effect of this pleasure, I
started to lick a man’s asshole for the first time
. No woman has ever given me such a
good blowjob. You’re so lucky, man.”
He was complimenting me and my husband .
I brought that magnificent cock to my burning lips again.
I put it in my mouth as much as I could and I started to shoot the part that was outside with my hand
. I realized that Serkan couldn’t hold himself any longer.
I was not mistaken, after a while it burst into my mouth so much that I hungrily
licked and swallowed all his semen, looking into my husband’s eyes. In the face of this situation
, my husband couldn’t help himself and ejaculated.
Now my angry pussy wanted a cock and Murat would fulfill this task first. Murat took
his place between my legs,
rubbing the head of his dick on my cunt’s swollen lips with pleasure
. shock
I was saying, ” Turn out my fire darling, fuck my cunt that my husband can’t fuck
Murat made such an entrance to my pussy on my words,
I thought my pussy was torn. He was shoving his huge dick deep into my narrow pussy and sticking it out.
For the first time, I felt a dick go inside me
. I wrapped my legs around Murat’s waist and
didn’t want this moment to end. He was making noise as he snuggled, and he was fucking me, screaming.
Meanwhile, I was preparing Serkan for the second time. I was sucking his dick in my mouth
My husband’s dick got up again and he
went behind Murat to see how Murat fucked me more clearly. Murat made me
goosebump from behind, he was going in and out of my ass at a fast pace. Every time he snuggled into my pussy
My pussy is expanding, my instincts are rising and it’s like I’m falling in love with my new fucker . I wanted to
pour it inside me, to feel its warm liquids inside me . Serkan was holding me by my hair and continuing to fuck me in the mouth . Murat soon exploded and squirted all my liquids deep into my cunt. I had my second orgasm after Serkan first ejaculated in my mouth . My husband started to compliment me and said, “You’re having a great fuck, my wife. Your cunt covered with pollen looks great” . I was measuring his reaction by saying, “If you like it so much, my husband, lick my pussy” .

He was licking and swallowing the cunt he fucked me in . I
should have given my husband more pleasure because I wanted to keep repeating the idea of ​​having sex with others.
And he would allow it as long as he enjoyed it . I made my husband feed the sprouts without wasting any drops . I felt that he would accept this without hesitation . But then I gave up because I couldn’t share these two dicks with anyone right now. I knew I could apply this idea later. After my husband cleaned my pussy, Serkan lay down on his back. His dick was hard as steel, his veins were swollen, the head of his dick

It was black and throbbing. I held it with my hand and
placed it in my ass hole.
Serkan’s cock was thicker and a little shorter than Murat’s.
However, my husband’s cock was like toothpicks next to both dicks. However,
those who wanted a snack could manage
with my
husband ‘s cock. I was giving. There I was, opening my ass
cheeks with my hands and brutally fucking myself in front of my husband
Is it you who made me tell fantasy, look how I’m fucking myself, I
was taking the dick inside me as if to say “fuck my darling . I’ve always lived with the
dream of this dick. Feed me the dick” I was screaming.
Serkan was also squeezing this tiny cunt he couldn’t find in the sky at a
fast pace. Later, Murat’s cock was activated again, this time I placed it in my mouth. My holes were not empty, they were being filled by Serkan and Murat by
recirculating . I had only one hole left to fuck and that was my ass hole. I had already started preparing to get Murat’s dick in my back hole. At the same time, I opened my ass cheeks with my hands and said to my husband, “Lick my ass, Tamer! I want you to lick my ass. ” I warned in a harsh tone . He should have prepared my ass so that I could take this cock . My husband willingly obeyed this order. He runs his tongue around my asshole, sucking even down occasionally

He was going down to Serkan’s balls by throwing evasive tongue blows .
At that moment, I was thinking, “You faggot. If I don’t fuck you, they shouldn’t call me
Nazan either.” I spent it. Murat took his place in my back hole, but
despite all his efforts, my unaccustomed ass hurt and he could
not get his cock in it. Tamer ready continent came immediately with the cream and
started to rub it on the sides of my ass nicely.
Is there anything better than getting her husband ready for another man to fuck a woman
? Then he creamed Murat’s cock with his own hands
and stepped aside. Murat succeeded in this attempt.
The moment he put his head in my hole, the dick glides easily down to the root.
had entered . I was yelling loudly and moaning like I was going to cry with pleasure. Then the partners changed places and I sat on Serkan upside down . I found my husband more comfortable in this position . I realized that he was about to come just like us. While they were fucking me, it sounded like they were trying to pump a full tire up. That the semen of my two girlfriends leaked from the corners of my cunt and ass.

The tempo accelerated and I had a terrific orgasm. My two
lovers filled my cunt and ass with their sperm . It
gave me great pleasure to feel them inside me. I think every woman should experience this pleasure at least
once in their lifetime
I immediately called my husband to my side and demanded, “Come on, lick it off, my husband”
. Again, without wasting a single drop, I
made my husband lick everything on my cunt and ass. It was late and it was
time to go. I said goodbye to my girlfriends at the door and gave both of them a big kiss on their lips
, thanking them.
to my husband, “How did you like it, husband?” I asked. He replied to
me, “I’ve never had this much pleasure, wife. Thank you very much . ” As soon as I said that, he replied, ” Anytime you want, darling. It’s a pleasure for me to watch you .” I could easily see the meaning in your eyes when I said, “How did I feed the sperm to you? I like it? Let’s fuck you if you want .” I could see the meaning in your eyes. Yes, next time it was my husband’s turn and it would be my great pleasure to fuck him. he gives a big kiss on your dick and

thank you for reading. If you send an e-mail, we will correspond. See you

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