slm bn mehmet I am 23 years old my mother is 46 years old, she has shorter breasts and fuller hips
, I have been attracted to my mother since childhood, this interest
started to turn into a relationship with time. At first, we only kissed on the lips for a short while,
and then we kissed for a while, then I started to lean on my mother with the excuse of hugging
. I guess he didn’t say anything because he was in a horny
state for a long time, I guess for the last time I
hugged my mother next to me and held my tight tight. We sat
down after her. I kissed her on the lips again and licked her neck, I didn’t
anything. she peeled her breast off the top of her bra
I started licking my mother , it was like she was in her past now. I was
very encouraged . I was stroking her hips and I wanted to go further. I started stroking her cunt
on esoman as well. My mother didn’t say anything. I wanted to stick it in and caress your cunt, just as I was putting my hand in, he pulled my hand away, my mother said, “I’m you.” My enthusiasm remained in my network. After that, I couldn’t get close to him for a long time. He didn’t let me get close again. One day my brother was at home . came to bed

there was a pantyhose under it, esoman did
n’t have a fln I left after a while my brother went out with his friends We were alone with my mother I was watching TV under the blanket again I was watching TV while my mother was passing by me I was trying to kiss her on the lips but she wouldn’t let me hug her if I didn’t I would have stayed tight I was stuck I was stuck

I started stroking her hips without saying anything I was stroking her hips and then I
took my mother under me and got between her legs my mother started to cry in my bed she got up in my bed I was pressing my pussy tightly I was
licking her neck I was squeezing her breast with my hand I was trying to
undress my mother I was
resisting but my wife
was pulling her breast from my neck I started to suck her nipples
and threw my hand at her pussy. After stroking her over the top of the pantyhose, I put my hand inside the panties but I couldn’t caress
comfortably because she was resisting so much .

it was like that, I took my top off with the opportunity, I took off my shirt, I took off my
boxer, it was like a cup, not my finger anymore, I wanted to put my dick in your pussy, I stripped off my hair with
pantyhose, my new shaved cunt was in front of me . I couldn’t hear, after I licked it a little bit, I forcibly separated her legs and got in between her and started rubbing her between her pussy, I was crazy, I squeezed her, but this forbidden relationship was making her mad even more .

I started my mother’s pussy, pleasure juices were flowing from my mother’s cunt, it made my squeeze slippery. I started
to speed up, as I accelerated, with the effect of pleasure water, petty noises began to come out, I was ecstatic
, I felt the pleasure to my bones . I thought about it but I couldn’t do it while I was ejaculating I was going to squeeze it so much it was even past my mother’s face it always squirted on her breasts I ejaculated so much I ejaculated as if there was something inside of me I felt like it went away I lay next to my mother will not happen

I couldn’t stand it, even though I said fln, when I was talking in vain, I started to feel tight again. I pretended to comfort my mother and started
stroking her, I hugged her from behind and started rubbing tight, let alone flin tried
to resist again, but again
I forced my tight but this time, after a longer fuck, I ejaculated on her again
, then I quit, I got into the shower, I got out of my mother. he was
still crying in the shower since then it was very cold between us, he doesn’t come close to me he
always ran to the other rooms when we were two in the shower even though I regretted a bit after asking, that
taste bud kept me from regretting it and I wanted to squeeze
again. I can forcefully squeeze.

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