fsiblog On the way back, when my daughter fell asleep, the groom came to me. Now that we have started to become both confidants, I have told what I have experienced. He told me that he had bad news, that he had been given new responsibilities at work, that he could not continue making love on Fridays. Actually, I knew it was because of the short black hair I found at home the last couple of times and the woman in the incoming messages I saw while she was in the shower. Considering that Timur was also able to come to Turkey every two months, this adventure that had been going on for about a year was coming to an end for me. Unfortunately, my real sex life, which I started late, is also. He said that if I wanted, he would let me know if he found a reliable man around. I agreed, it was almost impossible for me to even come side by side with a man in my narrow and conservative circle.

Meanwhile, my daughter-in-law had become pregnant and had attached my naive son to her Decently. My little girl has also been blooming roses on her face lately. When Safa went to bed and squeezed a little, she told that she was meeting her university friends, and that it made her very happy to see a boyfriend she hadn’t seen in years. I, who would have been innocently happy if it had been in the past, realized that after what I had been through, he had also found himself a proper fucker. At least he wouldn’t have found happiness after the age of 55, like me.

Timur and I continue our virtual sex life over the internet, but even the frequency and duration of our virtual meetings were gradually decreasing. In a place like London, a handsome man like him wouldn’t have any trouble putting another woman to bed every night. I am an interesting whim for both of them, and I had no temptation for them to continue after they had possessed me in all sorts of ways.

After two months without sex, the groom called. If he said come, I was going to run and fuck him. He told me that since our last meeting, he’s been looking for someone solid and reliable, and I think he’s found it. That he was intimate with a foreign manager at my age in their company, that the man did not like being with Junkies in Istanbul, and on top of that, the groom (Let’s find you someone to be with for a long time!) he said that he had mentioned me at the drinks table. He introduced me as a sexy, widowed woman living with adult children and said that if he helped me financially, I could be with him one or two days a week. “What should I do with the money, like a bitch?I said. “What was I going to say, if I introduced my mother-in-law because we are looking for a husband?” said the groom. We laughed. This story also seemed more plausible to me. “Keep the money in the bank, whether you donate it or take it abroad or eat crackling!” said the groom.

He talked a little about the guy. “A Dutch man named Frank, who has been living in Turkey for four years, separated from his wife. He has Turkish to tell his problems. I’ll give you your phone number, talk to you, if it suits your head, you’ll meet. He lives on the Ataşehir side. It will take an hour at most for you to come, but I think you should meet at the hotel first, I don’t know, don’t be a pervert now, adam!” said. “All right! Let him call the video tomorrow night at six sharp, there’s no one at home, I’ll see you Decently!I said. Ten minutes later, the groom called again. “The man flew into the air. Jul, what he wants is a clean beautiful woman. And I said, after her husband, a man is untouched. I told you that it was very difficult for me to convince you, that you got into this job because you needed it. The rest is up to you!” said.

The next day at exactly six o’clock my phone rang. I had put on makeup to reveal my green eyes and plump lower lip. A second or two after he said hello, a typical Dutch man with white but bushy hair, blue eyes and an upturned nose appeared from the screen. He was talking by stopping, thinking and looking at the papers he had made notes on in front of him beforehand. He said that he was very upset when he heard that I needed help, so he wanted to call immediately, if we could meet, we could talk about how he could help, because he knew that he was afraid of my surroundings, we could meet at a five-star hotel in Sapanca if I wanted. He added that I should not hesitate to come by taxi, he would pay the cost. Of course, I didn’t say I’d get in my own Jeep and come. As a widowed lady who was left alone, I explained that I had some needs both financially and physically, and the difficulty of this in a closed environment, like a timid person.

Frank and I have an appointment for Saturday afternoon. He said he wanted to call me every day, and we agreed on the same hour. On all three days leading up to Saturday, my phone rang at exactly six o’clock in the evening. I dressed in a slightly low-cut dress, put the phone on the table and showed myself from height. “You are very beautiful, you have a physique exactly like a European! he was giving compliments like “. On Saturday, having completed my preparations, I jumped into a taxi. I was fidgeting with my holes that were getting back to normal from not getting fucked and the excitement of tasting a new dick. I thought if someone doesn’t come out right, I won’t meet again.

I entered the hotel lobby with my head covered. There was no one familiar inside. He was sitting in a far corner waiting for me. I phoned and told him that I didn’t want to be seen in the lobby, if he told me the room number, we could talk more comfortably there. Five minutes later I was in front of the room number he gave me. Oh, Shevki, there’s no dick left that I haven’t eaten because of you! i said in my heart. The door opened before there was a knock. Seeing me in a long coat and with my head covered had reduced the smile on your face. Nevertheless, he graciously extended his hand and pointed to the double seat. I liked that he didn’t show the bed directly. I took off my hijab and topcoat without sitting down. The tight skirt above the knee inside me made my ass look obvious, and I was wearing a satin shirt that would reveal my breasts if I unbuttoned it one more button. The smile on your face has come back. “Ercan said you were beautiful, but I didn’t expect this much! What would you like to drink?” said. I examined it from top to bottom when ordering. He was a tall, slightly overweight gentleman brought by his age and stylish sportswear with linen suits. He sat on the seat opposite me until our drinks arrived and talked about his ex-wife, about some of the difficulties of living alone. So I made up lies about my difficult life after I supposedly lost my husband. Meanwhile, he was examining me from head to toe. Dec.

After the busboy left our drinks, he got up and sat next to me. “I am a businessman, let me not say too much. I need a friend, it should be a European-looking person who will not attract attention when traveling together. I also cannot satisfy my sexual needs with Escorts or employees who are ready to be with me in the company. If you accept, do I want you for these?” said. The smell of perfume was so intense, the hard masculine lines of his face were so pronounced, and he was so imposing next to me with his tall stature, that in response (Fuck me as soon as possible!) other than that, nothing was going through my mind. I’ve had experience living a double life, it wouldn’t be difficult to maintain it. When he remained silent, he said, “I will cover all your expenses while you are with me!” said. When he was going to put his hand in his pocket and pull out an envelope, I held his hand, “Let’s get to know each other, what does money matter if we don’t get along?I said.

He looked from my slightly stripped skirt to my legs, from there to my breasts, which looked like he was going to burst my shirt, and doing something I never expected, he lifted me up as he embraced me and dropped me on the bed. When he closed the curtains and came to me, he had already started unbuttoning his shirt. And I didn’t even move on my lap to bed on our wedding night. Sitting with my back against the pillow, my skirt stripped to the waist, I felt like a liseli girl waiting for her first sex with my legs without socks. Naked on top, with a certain body that he sported when he was younger, he began to caress one hand up from my knee, while he was probing my lips with a small kiss. He was slowly sucking my lower lip, taking it between his two lips and crushing it. Dec. And his hand had reached up to my panties…

Stepping back a little, unbuckling the waistband of his pants, he said, “You’re a very sexy woman!” said. So, without taking my eyes off him, I took off my shirt and freed my legs from my skirt. Now we were both left with black underwear. When he got into bed and bent over me, I felt like a toy, with a height of 1.90 and a slightly overweight build, I had disappeared under it. He was exploring my lips very calmly, his hands were moving around my hips, taking care not to put his weight on me. Her calmness was beginning to take effect, as if the smell of wonderful perfume had fascinated me. When I slid the straps of my bra to the side and revealed my breasts, she slipped on my neck with a sexy smile, and then on my breasts. His hands, big enough to palm even my huge breasts with one hand, began to caress me without hurting me, but with a pressure that made me feel his power. With the same kindness, his lips were descending on my chest, while the finger I felt on my pussy was showing that he was opening my panties…

More interesting was the softness of her skin while feeling the strength of her hands. Her well-groomed hands are smooth, but wherever the thickness of her fingers is the thickness of my husband’s cock, it seemed that two dicks were walking around on my pussy. When he stuck his hand to my lips again without pulling away from my pussy, I also felt the pressure of his dick on my legs. He slowly slipped to my side, resting his back on the pillow. He caught my rhythm right away, it bothered me that he came down on me when my pussy was starting to get wet, but I understood his intention. He pulled his panties down and the scene I was eagerly waiting for appeared. He had light yellow hairy balls and a half-raised uncircumcised dick in front of me. I’ve always been used to seeing dicks sewn up from fucking young men, but that’s what’s normal at this age. I took the Decapitated dick’s head directly between my two lips, trying to get out from under the foreskin. And this time I started attacking the dick like food with the smell of powder rising from his balls. While the dick was growing in my mouth, my hands were moving over her belly button, occasionally stroking her balls. Dec. After a few minutes, the dick was erect and ready to be stung.

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