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My name is Serhat, I am 26 years old and I have been married for 3 years. My wife Suna is a very beautiful woman, 24 years old, both physically and with green eyes. I wanted to share with you what I experienced, as partly because of the effects of the articles on your site. What I’m about to tell started this summer when I was assigned to a department in a province in the Aegean from the headquarters of the company I worked for. After being appointed, I did not take my wife to the new place in the first place. I stayed at the company’s guesthouse for 2 months in order to get to know the environment and to find a house where we could move. My new work environment was much more comfortable than before. I was working in a smaller but more intimate environment that got rid of the boring official environment at the headquarters. During my first 2 months of compulsory celibacy, my new colleagues Aydın and Emre invited me to their house for dinner almost every two evenings and they did not feel lonely.

They were going to a nearby summer town with their wives on some weekends, and they were telling me that when your meaningful wife comes, you will join us. I did not understand any of these implications. One evening, when the three of us went out for a man-to-man dinner, due to the increased amount of alcohol, two other couples admitted to me that they had sex with their friends after they changed partners, and when my wife came, they said that I could join too. Although I am not jealous as a person, as I mentioned before, I was reading the articles on your site and similar sites and looking at such fantasies positively. However, I was sure that my wife Suna would not accept this. These . When Emre and Aydın told it, they said don’t worry, we’ll convince him. How would they convince my wife, whom they met only once when she came to visit me? When I told them it’s impossible, you don’t know Suna, they said look and you’ll see, so I didn’t extend it and the issue was closed.

After this incident, when I went to their house for dinner a couple more times, I started to examine their wives, under the influence of what we talked about. Emre’s wife İclal was a very nice woman with blond blue eyes and slim build. Aydın’s wife, Şule, was a disaster. Don’t get me wrong, Iclal or my wife Sunada, beautiful women can even be considered more beautiful according to the judgments of some men, but Sule, especially when she wears tight pants, her wide hips, big breasts that can hardly fit into her T-shirt, her size is almost close to me (I’m 180), long legs and milky-white skin are the perfect fit for me. it was a disaster. Finally, we moved our house in October and my husband came with me. After settling in, Sunada Şule and İclalle became sincere as a result of going back and forth a few times. Now we were three families together two or three times a week.

Suna said don’t be silly right away, she started to get angry when she insisted a little, so I closed the issue. The next day, I explained the situation to Emre and Aydın and they said it’s not important, we thought about it. When I said what to do, they said you will go on a business trip at the weekend. When I asked where, they laughed and said, “There is no need to plan anywhere,” and Emre said, “Take Sunayda and come to dinner with us tomorrow night.” The next evening, we left work and went directly to Emre. Suna and Şule had come from the daytime. Sunaya at dinner week . I said it wouldn’t be the end. When Aydın and Emrede supported him, he did not suspect. İclal me we are all together for the weekend break…. He said, ‘We were going to go, since you are gone, Sunada should come with us. I replied that it would be better, so he wouldn’t be alone. Towards noon on Saturday, I said goodbye to Suna as if I was going out of town and met with Emre.

When Emre said I want to see everything, he said don’t worry. After an hour’s journey, I reached the motel. I met Orhan and Aslı, although they were at least ten years older than us, they were sympathetic people. She was a very attractive and well-groomed woman, especially although she was close to 40 years old. Orhan took me to another part of the motel, which consists of four separate buildings, and placed me in one of the rooms on the second floor. There were six rooms in this section, and all three rooms had a common balcony from which the door opened. Although the weather was warm as it was winter, there were only a few customers in one part of the motel on the other side. In the evening, I saw our people coming from the window of the room I was in. Two or three hours later, 7 people sat down to dinner at a table overlooking the part of the restaurant in the main building, next to them was another couple I didn’t know. Orhan brought me food and drink, so I watched them and sipped my drink alone in the room. When we said it was food, it was dancing, the time had gone a long way.

They went outside and started coming towards the building where I was. After about five minutes, I went to the balcony and came to the room next door. Emre left the balcony door open and pulled the tulle, but since the light was on, it could be seen very clearly. There were two beds inside, in one of them Aydın was lying naked, and İclal was licking his cock in his mouth, still naked. On the other bed, my wife, who has only a bra on her skirt and on her feet, was kissing with Emre, who was sitting next to her naked, with their backs turned to me. After a short while, Emre put my wife on the bed and kissed and licked her all over and took off everything she was wearing. Emre got up and took off his pants and underwear, then he buried his head in my wife’s pussy and started to lick it. Aydın got up from under the Iclal that he was 69 and came to my wife, grabbed her by the head and put his dick in my wife’s mouth. Iclal, who was idle, approached from behind and started licking the dick of her husband, who was licking my wife’s cunt.

I was very surprised and angry with what I said, my wife is now licking herself like a bitch and licking mine as if she were licking Aydın’s dick, even though she only licked it out of necessity. After a while, Emre took my wife’s legs on his shoulder and placed his dick that was only mine until now. Now, in his mouth, which was fucked by his cunt Emre from the inside, the moans of my wife, who licked Aydın’s dick, were coming. Iclal got up and left the room, now my wife was alone with two men. Suddenly, from the balcony door of my room. Iclal came to me naked and we started kissing without saying anything. While kissing, Iclal started to take off my clothes quickly and got down on my knees in front of me and started to lick my dick in his mouth. I was thoroughly aroused by the effect of the scene in front of me, I ejaculated in Iclalin’s mouth in a short time Iclal swallowed them all and disappeared as soon as he stood up and came again. He was disappointed, I suppose, but there was nothing I could do with the effect of the sight in front of me. By the way, the people inside changed their places. While Aydın was fucking my wife, who was dodgy, Emre was licking his dick in front of him.

In the meantime, the light in my room came on, and when I went inside, I saw Şule standing in a dressing gown. I went to Şule and started kissing her. When I took off her dressing gown, this disaster was before my eyes with all its beauty. I lay her on the bed and start kissing every inch of her milky white body, starting with her big lips. I especially kissed her big breasts and white enormous hips, which adorned my dreams, to the fullest. When I started to lick her cunt, which did not even have a feather, Sule was moaning. Sule laid me on my back, grabbed my dick with her hand, placed it between her cunt’s lips and sat on top of me. and he started to get up and down on me, screaming. Sule lay on top of me without taking my dick out, we were kissing and caressing each other. I was stroking these buttocks with pleasure, which I had dreamed of for days and was more alive than I had hoped.

Sule was standing in front of me, hugging her from behind and kissing her neck, I started stroking her breasts with one hand and her cunt with the other. In the meantime, I was rubbing my dick, which started to get up again, on his hips. When I paid attention to the man inside, I noticed that he was creaming his finger from time to time. The meaning of this was obvious to me, but I was sure that Suna would not give up on her ass. After a while, the man lifted my wife and tucked her on the bed. He took his place behind him on his knees, pressed it to my wife’s waist, pressed his dick to my wife’s asshole and started to load. My wife, who never fucks me so far, has no objections. hadn’t. Meanwhile, I stuck my dick in the cunt of Şule in front of me and was going in and out with light movements. Suddenly, Suna’s shrill scream came from inside, the man was well settled. It was obvious that Suna was suffering from her face, but she still did not object.

At that moment, Şule took my dick out of it and put one foot on the stool on the side, bent a little more in front of me, and with an unexpected movement, she grabbed my dick with her hand and pressed it against her asshole. After a couple of compulsions, I settled down in Şule’s ass. Right now my wife was getting ass fucked for the first time and I was getting ass fucked for the first time in my life. After a while, the man came out of my wife’s ass and put his dick in his mouth. Shortly after, it ejaculated in my wife’s mouth. My wife, who never did this to me, swallowed it without wasting a single drop of the man. I ejaculated six times that night for the first time in my life. My wife never saw me there. The next night, when she went to bed, she told me what had happened. I love him so much he is my everything.

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