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The site is an excellent contribution from me 🙂 I am Emrah Istanbul, I am 24, I got married
, so I am widowed, I am 1.86 tall, dark-haired, 82 kilos broad-shouldered, this happened
3 months ago since I’ve been through this incident, I met a couple on the net,
after viewing my profile on the friend search site, they texted me
and sent me their msn. We met on msn and
they shared their ideas for five nice conversations, would you believe, I was excited from that moment on, because it was the
first time, the firsts were unforgettable, so anyway
, let me introduce you to friends who are a couple, they are named bunch and murat, I’m sorry, I’m
changing their names, not their real names, murat is 36 years old,
he is 33 years old people of yalova… when I first met at the window
Maybe my lips have gone livid due to happiness. Anyway, I
talked to this perfect couple on the net for 1 month and they offered me an offer. We
trust you very much, we believe you are a good person, now
let ‘s experience
something in real life. They wanted to live without hesitation
, I said, of course, I would love it, and we agreed, they came to Istanbul on Sunday,
I described a place, they came there, we went home, I
prepared a nice meal with a bunch of Murata, but my feet are
trembling, we ate a nice dinner on the
balcony. a little bit of alcohol in the open air to get you in the mood
we took it and they were relieved after the alcohol took effect, we went inside, I put on a nice slow cd , I
offered to the bunch to dance I didn’t even understand, Muratta smiled and said how fast is this man, I said I’m dead now, I can’t stand the sheaf anymore, she started to undress, but I said stop I said I’ll undress you , then I started to undress the bundle with my own hands, I was both peeling and licking it . anyway my favorite

We came to work, I love licking peaches incredibly, I also love licking them that much, I don’t get tired of licking
them until the morning,
I started licking anyway, I’ve started licking, I’ve been licking and licking, I’ve been licking her legs
apart, it was like
she’s pissed off.
He even came to the point of vomiting, he said he licked the bunch
, he said he ejaculated 3 times, without licking Muratta was still continuing the same job, after
stroking, he said, “The bunch is enough, you’ve dried it.” He said, “Bring water
and let me finish.”

He swallowed it without even showing a drop of it, then we took a cigarette break and
then we took a shower. I said to Murat, I said okay, you’ll be with us . After I got
out of the shower, we started licking and swallowing together
. He didn’t say
, we changed places, then I put it back in his mouth because I love his licking so much, and
then I ejaculated back and forth in
his vagina .

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