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Hello friends, I’m Samet, I really want to tell you about one of my memories, even if it’s a little long, with all the details. I hope you will read and enjoy it until the end without getting bored.

First of all, let me introduce myself, yes my name is Samet. I am 37 years old, 175 tall, 80 kg, brunette, living in Konya, who likes to live the pleasure to the last bit in both active and passive roles and likes to push the limits.

My experience started about a year ago, one night when I was looking for a partner in virtual worlds. When I opened my account on facebook, I saw that there were 6 friend requests, I was examining and accepting their profiles in turn, but one of them received a message as soon as they accepted.

Hi can we meet? was writing.

“Sure,” I replied, and we started chatting. He said his name was Erem, he was 24 years old, and he was fully passive. When I said that I can be both active and passive, he replied that it would be enough if you were active for me. We were talking about what we liked and enjoyed to get to know each other better, our mindset had adjusted and I realized that we wanted the same things. I couldn’t believe my eyes when we sent each other photos, she had a girly shiny and hairless body. besides, he was a bit of a petite type.

Her hips were tiny. as if I could hold both of his hips with one hand. After sending our face photos to each other, I was in my head and started to dream of screwing Erem as soon as possible. Then, when he said that I live alone in my own house, I can host you, I almost jumped with joy. A fully passive person who does everything I want, suits my tastes, and lives alone, what more could one ask for,

I was now completely possessive of Erem and was making plans about how I would fuck him and have sex with him. These thoughts really pissed me off. It was around 23:30 at midnight. I was thinking to myself that he was living alone somehow, and if I made an offer, would he accept it, we would put out each other’s fire.

I wrote a little later. What are you doing right now?
“Nothing, I just took a shower, I’m chatting with you naked,” she said.
My excitement increased even more. I said I can come if you want.
He said, “Okay, if you can come, I’ll be a woman until the morning, I’ll fly you over the clouds of pleasure.”

Okay, give me the address, I said I’ll come right away. When he wrote the address, boiling water was poured over my head. He lived in the Seydişehir district of Konya. There was exactly 90 km between us. All my hopes were dashed, I was terribly bored. I could neither go to Seydişehir, nor did I have a place to host if he came to Konya. We couldn’t go further than virtual chat.

Anyway, we finished that night, on the night of the next day I saw that he had sent countless messages on facebook. I was not very interested in what he wrote because it would no longer be real. I was writing answers, keeping it short so that it wouldn’t be broken. days followed days. About 20 days later, at work, the boss called me to his room and handed me a piece of paper with the address and phone number on it.

Finish your work today, you will go to Seydişehir tomorrow, the customer will greet you, take the dimensions of the furniture and return. I immediately thought of Erem, I said to the boss, brother, I have a soldier friend there, I will visit him after I’m done, is it okay? It’s okay, but don’t be too late, he replied. I had a hard evening, my excitement was still high.

When I saw that Erem was online, I wrote it immediately.
Hello, what are you doing tomorrow? I said.
He said he’s never been working the same.
I said, come on, I’m coming to Seydişehir, maybe we’ll meet.
He said, “Okay, I’m definitely waiting.”
But I said what will you do?
He replied, “I can get permission, it’s okay.

After taking a shower and getting ready, I went to bed, finished my work until noon the next day and called Erem on the phone.

When I say I’m done, I’m taking a position, he replied, “Come.” When I went to the address he gave, I saw that there was a 4-storey building in the site close to the Center. When I called on the phone, I saw you and said come to the 2nd floor, number 4. I quickly ran up the stairs. Before I even rang the bell, the door opened. I could only see his face from the side of the door. He said come on in. I couldn’t believe my eyes when I walked in. He was in the clothes that I had written the previous night while chatting and that I liked.

A black dress that reveals all the tight-fitting lines of her body, starting just above her breasts and ending in the half of her hips, leaving her shoulders exposed, black stockings reaching her knees underneath, and long heels. I hadn’t realized before that her long hair that went down to her shoulders was long. She had turned into a full woman with her make-up.

I was able to throw off the effect on me and say that you are very beautiful. I went into the room and sat in the middle of the three seater, the room sat right next to me. I couldn’t take my eyes off the exposed bare skin of her smooth gorgeous legs I wanted to kiss her.

He said what can I offer you tea, coffee or something cold. I could only say you. “Take it then, I’m yours, drink it to your heart” he said, smiling.

I slowly moved my hand to her legs, touching and stroking them, and began to crawl upwards. I bent down and kissed his lips while looking at his face, the room responded to me and we started kissing. As I slowly circled her lips kissing her chin and sides, I was not sitting idle in my hand, stroking and stroking between her legs and hips. As I pulled back and looked at him, he grabbed my t-shirt and slowly took it off, bent down and kissed my breasts, when I leaned back on the couch, my boobs slid between my legs kissing my stomach, he knelt right in front of me, unbuttoned my belt and pants, hung down and took it off and threw it to the side. I’m so excited by holding the end of my boxer and looking at my face, I’m going to see it live now, saying this and hung down. When my hardened cock popped out, he grabbed her body with his hand and stroked it slowly, then bent down and took it softly into his mouth. It was such a pleasure to feel your hot and wet mouth off my dick. After putting it in and out of his mouth halfway up a few times, he came softly by pressing and licking his tongue from the bottom of my dick to his head and quickly put it back in his mouth. this time he was driving me crazy by trying to take it deep in his mouth.

After I took off my boxer and threw it away, I was completely naked. Erem licked my cock for a long time, enjoying it. from time to time he was sucking my balls, and sometimes while licking, he would slide down and play from the bottom of my balls to my hole. I was like flying above the clouds with the pleasure I got. then he turned to my dick again, putting almost all of it in his mouth and taking it out, pouting and sucking in it, sucking like sucking cups. At that time, I was great with my groaning voice, baby, lick it faster, put them all in your mouth, very nice, continue, I was holding your hair and hanging me.

I stood up at once, putting my cock back in his mouth while he was on his knees. I was holding her by the head, going in and out of her mouth quickly, pressing to insert it all the way down. his eyes were tearing, he felt like he was choking, his breath was choked, and the saliva from his mouth was oozing out around my dick. While chatting, he said he liked it hard, so I was giving him what he wanted. I tucked my dick all the way in and waited while I bent down and slapped hard on her exposed hip, where the dress had been pulled up and she was enjoying it and screaming of pleasure.

I suddenly pulled my cock and bent down and pressed it to his lips while I kissed him hard, laying him back on the carpet and getting between his legs. Her dress had been pulled up and her cock and asshole were in front of me because she wasn’t wearing panties. I pressed her legs back and lifted her hips into the air, her tight asshole looking great in front of me. When I pressed my tongue and started to lick it, he held his breath and groaned, “You’re great, lick it, my love, yes.” I was playing with his hole by making my tongue back and forth, licking its sides and trying to press it into it from time to time, he was moaning as I licked, I was getting hotter when I heard his voice. When I licked my tongue from time to time and slid it up to his balls and dick, he was pressing my head and pushing me to go back to his hole. licking her asshole with pleasure and licking it wet,

After a while I stopped licking and bent over him and kissed him on the lips again, feeling your breath on my breath I said I want to fuck you, now I want to be inside your narrow hole. He nodded his head and I pulled back and lay on the ground. Erem got up and took off what he was wearing and the room was completely naked like me. Then he brought lubricant from the next window and I put the condom on my dick at that time. erem cream was applied liberally to my dick first and then to his hole. He sat on my lap in the astride position, grabbed my dick with his hand, put it to his hole and began to sit quietly. he was struggling in the first place and was pushing and pulling back. I, on the other hand, was getting impatient from the bottom and pushing my dick so that I could insert it as soon as possible. he braked me and took control, slowly and with practice taking my dick in. When he finally got inside, I moaned “ohh” and he was just waiting for her to get used to it. “Too big,” she whispered to me, with a tight, tense face.

While he was slowly letting himself go, I wanted to push myself to him and get him used to my dick as soon as possible. When he finally got it to the root, he called out for a moment. After waiting in an unaccustomed state, it started to move slowly. I was groaning as he was moving up and down in my lap, you are so tight with the pleasure that his narrow hole grips my cock tightly, you are great, go on, take it all in. While Erem was now used to my dick, I kept jumping by increasing her tempo on my lap, while I was supporting her by holding her hips with my hands from the bottom and trying to make her jump harder. his cock was appearing and disappearing as he jumped. in the same way, erem’s dick was swaying right in front of me according to erem’s movements. I grabbed his dick with my hand and started stroking it. The momentum accelerated even more. the sounds our bodies made as they crashed into each other mixed with the sounds we were making with our groans and echoed throughout the room. from time to time, my erem would stop with my dick in it, and after he bent down and kissed me, he continued to take my cock from where he had stopped jumping again.

After going on like this for a while, I said it’s time to take control, and I quickly took the erem off my lap. While I was getting up, I put my hands on the couch and knees bent over the carpet, and I was ready right behind him. The hole drilled looked amazing. I approached and put my dick back in the hole and asked if you were ready. Before he could even answer yes, I pushed and shoved him deep into the root, screaming and screaming as much as he could, while I was starting to go back and forth. While I was shouting “please slowly” slowly, I was attacking with all my strength as if I had lost myself, and I was pushing my dick deep into the root. I slowed down for a while and stopped while I was in my dick, stroking her hips and giving her a few slaps, I said what was it, it was too hard. He said yes, but it was good, keep going.

When I said ok and started to move again, he was screaming with a mixture of pain and pleasure and his voice was echoing in every corner of the room we were in. I was fucking hard without slowing my pace, slowing down from time to time and enjoying it, watching my dick go in and out of his hole. then I was accelerating again and with all my strength I was almost invading that narrow hole with my dick. I stopped for a while and removed my cock completely and quickly inserted it again. Then I took it out again and inserted it hard once more. When I repeated this move a few more times, he called out, “Don’t leave it with a begging tone, keep it inside me, please continue.” Grabbing her hips with my hands and gaining strength, I pushed her deeper again. I was losing myself again, attacking with all my might, as if I wanted to tear that narrow hole of the erm to pieces.

her hips were preventing me from sticking my dick up to the root. After going in and out a few more times, I stepped back and whispered, “Come back.” I snuggled between his legs as he lay on the couch. when I pressed her legs back up to her breasts, her hips stood up again in front of me, her widening hole was looking at me as if to fuck me. It hurts a lot when I’m entering, while I was told to enter slowly, I pushed my dick to its hole again and stuck it to the root. this time it was all inside him and the big cock disappeared. I started to move slowly as I bent down and kissed my erem’s lips. As I pressed my legs back against my shoulder, my heart was lying under me as if folded in two, and it was making way for me to invade the completely defenseless hole.

For a while, I was slowly rubbing it back and forth, while I was walking around the room kissing her lips, cheeks and neck at the same time, she was responding to me by stroking my hair and back. I said in a low voice, let’s speed up now. He replied that he would be a little reluctant. While he was still bent over me, I got up on my hands and toes and got into a push-up position. I was getting faster and faster as I started going in and out. When I went to the root with my dick, my body was hitting Eren’s hips and making clapping noises and involuntarily responding to my accelerated tempo by making Erem’s hips up and down. I was attacking with all my might and groaning with pleasure as I fucked him hard. In honor, who was experiencing the same feelings, he was screaming with pleasure, “You’re amazing, this is so beautiful.” This position was my favourite. In this way, my dick went deep into the root and disappeared. It was an indispensable pleasure for me.

I felt pain in my legs and backbone after going in and out hard for long long minutes without getting tired. I slowed down and pulled back my dick. Erem had let herself go and was almost trembling out of breath. The room turned its back on me as I lay next to it. We were in the full spoon position while my dick was rubbing her hips I hugged her from behind and caressed her nipples lightly as I planted kisses on her neck and kissed her on the lips as she turned her head back towards me. he was always smiling. When I asked how do you like it, he said yes, but you are going too fast, a little slow. I can’t help it I can’t help myself I said that narrow hole is taking me away from me. He chuckled again. “Come back in then,” he said. He pulled one leg up and lifted it into the air. I put my dick back in his hole with my hand and pushed it.

holding her leg in the air with my hand and pushing my dick from behind, I was placing kisses on her shoulders, she turned her head towards me again, kissing her lips, holding her lower lip and biting it lightly. The seat we were lying on was narrow and I couldn’t move much, I couldn’t go very far in this position. After I went in and out a few more times, I stopped and stepped back. I wanted to ejaculate. I stood up and asked him to curl up. The room curled up in front of me, standing up and placing her hands on the chair again. Once again, I put my dick, which I put into that magnificent hole from behind, to the root, I was getting strength by holding my hips and waist with my hands, I was getting in and out of it faster and faster. I increased my pace by slapping his hips hard and continued to fuck my ermine with all my might as I approached the end.

Erem called, “let me know when it’s going to come out,” he said ok and continued without slowing down, while he was stroking his own dick in virtue. While I was trying to take my hand to Erem’s dick and caress it, he said no, just fuck me, don’t stop, continue harder. I pulled back and hugged Erem’s hips again and continued where I left off. When I called out “I’m coming,” he was spitting on his hand and stroking his dick. I exploded out of nowhere, my legs trembling and squeezing as my dick ejaculated in my ermine, I was groaning and screaming. At the same time, the blessing was emptied into his palm, and we both reached the heights of pleasure. After I ejaculated and finished, I went in and out of the narrow hole of erm a few more times. Then I stepped back and pulled out my dick. The condom was full of my sperm.

I asked about the bathroom and he showed me the way. When we entered the bathroom, he was standing next to me and looking at me. I asked him what happened while he was taking the condom off. He said can I wash you, like your wife. I said okay, wash it, with a very careless attitude, and he took the fountain in his hand and started to wash me. He soaped and caressed all over me, mostly dealing with my cock and balls. I took a shower without moving my hand. Then we went inside and sat down, I was sitting naked on the undressed sofa. The room was right in front of me. We smoked a cigarette and chatted for a while. I said it was very nice to fuck your mouth, you lick great, I can’t get enough of your mouth. While the room was giggling again, it slowly came in front of me between my legs.

While he was stroking my cock with his hand, he said that I couldn’t get enough of it and started to lick it once again. my cock was down, but the pus’s mouth, hot breath and wetness I felt was making me horny. I was watching him while he was slowly playing and licking my dick. I wished he was in Konya, I was thinking that he would be someone who will marry me as soon as I feel like it. my dick was hard at that time. I heard a shaking sound while I was calling out to get it all to the root, while I was looking around to see what was going on, I realized that the phone in the pocket of my pants was vibrating on the sofa. I muted it when I entered. When I bent down and picked up the phone, it was the boss calling. When I said hello, wait a minute and picked up the phone, the boss was shouting how many times I called, he was saying where are you. Erem didn’t listen to me and kept licking my dick while I was pointing to Erem for a minute.

I said to the boss that we were on the same day with my brother, we were drinking tea, I didn’t hear you called. While I was being told that you are a little late, erem slightly bit the head of my dick, I tightened my teeth and said to the boss, okay bro, I’m leaving right away. I said to my ereme, who hung up the phone and looked at me with a smile, you hurt me. “I know, I know, I did it on purpose,” he said. I said, “I mean, you did it on purpose,” while gritting my teeth and breathing rapidly. I swiftly leapt onto the erem and turned it upside down in front of me. I was lying on the floor, sitting on his legs and squeezing his hips in front of me, I said, “So you bit me on purpose?” Then I slapped him hard. While Erem was screaming, I hit her other hip with the same hardness. I was groaning and screaming in my glory as I slapped her hard buttocks a few times.

I quickly bent over him and pressed my cock to his hole and when I brought my lips up to his ear and said that now I will hurt you on purpose, I pushed my cock inside. I started jumping on him while shouting as much as he could. I was pushing my dick to the root and attacking hard with all my strength, going in and out of the hole of my penis. I was in such a hot and excited position that I lost myself again and was banging my penis as if I wanted to smash it. I was covering his mouth with my hand to stifle his screams, and his squirming as he was crushed under me was driving me crazy. I was placing kisses on his shoulders and neck, sucking on his earlobe and biting it lightly. In this situation, I could not stand it any longer and started to ejaculate into the erem, convulsing and trembling. While I was ejaculating, I was making hard sudden hits. I left all my sperm in the erem out of breath. Then I let go of my hand that was covering the mouth of the erm, and then I pulled back and took out my dick. When I pass the seat again, erem turns over and looks at me lying on the floor with a giggling smile again, this was nicer, it was exactly what I wanted. I’m glad I found you, I’m glad we met you, it was said that we should not leave each other. I replied ok. He said, “Wouldn’t it be okay to enter without a condom again?” I said okay.

I got up and said I have to go now. I’m late. I’m going to take a shower and leave. The room quickly got up and said can I wash you again, I said, with a confused look, wash it. After taking a shower, when I was going to get dressed and go out, he came to me and hugged me for a long time, he said, let’s not leave each other. I replied yes and we parted. Then I got in the car and quickly returned to Konya.

You didn’t go to the internet for a few nights, then when I opened Facebook, I saw that there were about 50 messages, all of them were from the right. There were a lot of messages that started with my love husband and continued with words of love, then decorated with love poems and filled with emojis. A lot of boring messages like that you want to live in the same house with me, that you want to spend the rest of your life being a woman to me, etc., were officially connected to me. It was not something I wanted at all. I was giving blind answers because I did not want it to be offended, but I said it at first. I’m here for sex love love and anything else was against my will. I was trying to convince him to explain this situation for nights. but he, on the other hand, was going the opposite and saying that he was living for me and there was no point in living without me. I started to get scared. I said let’s not talk for a while, I think it will be better and I hung up. I blocked it both on the internet and on the phone, and he could no longer reach me. everything was over.

It had been 2 months since I was working alone at night shift at work. Around 22:00 at midnight, my work was finished, and I started surfing the virtual world again on the computer. A new friend request, a new message, someone I didn’t know had started a chat. I was feeling very horny. The person I spoke to was counting my wishes exactly. my fever had hit my head, and the desire to be with someone tonight made me dizzy. When I asked the person I spoke to, where are you, can we meet, he said an address close to my house. There was a 5 minute drive between us. great, i could make love and go home from there. I said I’m coming around 23:30 at midnight. When I asked for a phone number, he said that it was a company line, he said, “I can describe you here, I can meet you, I can’t give you a phone.” I said ok ok and fell down. When I got to the address he gave to the road, it was a 6-storey building. message me 6.

I got out of the car and looked around, my son, are you crazy, did you eat your mind with cheese bread, look here, it is an old desolate building, it is very quiet around, besides, there is no proper lighting in the garden, everywhere is dark, and who will come across you, where are you going. I was saying come back, is there a thief or a murderer upstairs.

I got back in the car, I was scared but my mind was on the fucking end again. I was horny because, another message came from facebook, he said come on, you didn’t come, where are you waiting for you. I wrote that you come down here, it’s very dark, go downstairs and meet me. “I can’t come because I’m naked, I’m waiting for you,” he said. The magic word is “I’m naked”, a voice says come on, it’ll be great, another voice says go home, you’ll get a job for eating. Of course, I listened to the first sound and went down to the 6th floor. The old wooden door opened, I can’t see anyone, a voice says come in, I just stood there, what will happen behind the door, what will happen behind the door, will someone put a knife to my throat, a lot of things go through my mind, I went up there, I can’t go back. I slowly took a step inside. As soon as the door closes, it’s a big shock, I’m naked before me and again that habitual chuckling smile.

That’s enough, it’s been so long, if you want, I’ll write the rest as part 2. I hope you like it.

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