mrdeepfakes When my husband and I got married, he hadn’t done his military service yet, he had postponed it because of his school. We worked at the same workplace. We met, got married after a short engagement period. We lived in the same building as his family. His parents and a brother lived upstairs from us. We got together with his family in a short time. They saw me as their daughter. They loved me, I loved them. Unlike my small husband, who looked like his mother, his 20-year-old brother Mert was a very handsome, athletic, built, burly boy. When I say child, there is only a 3-year difference between us. Dec. My blood warmed to all my husband’s family, especially Mert, we got along very well.

After all the months of our marriage, I was now used to my husband’s monotonous, fake sex, trying to take our marriage away by faking an orgasm, whether I was full or not satisfied. Although I was a virgin when I got married, I knew from the internet, from the books I read that this was not real sex. But I couldn’t afford to break up with my husband and disrupt my order just for that reason.

Because my brother-in-law was the opposite of my husband. He was hanging out with girls, even a few married women in the neighborhood, making his day. Some of it I was hearing from her mother, some of it I was learning from the neighboring women, like, “She’s your mother-in-law, with the grocer’s wife…”. In short, he was a womanizer who didn’t miss a fly. The more I heard about it, the more I started to look at him differently. When I passed by my door and went upstairs, I would make up an excuse, chat on the doorstep out of thin air. Meanwhile, I could hardly help myself not to hug my mother-in-law’s Deconstructed body, her wide triangular shoulders tightly. The more I looked, the more I looked, the bastard…

It affected me so much that I couldn’t look at him anymore because he was my husband’s brother, a relative. He was a man. And also handsome, like dalyan, a man to the stem. Lying under my husband at night, I used to think about how he would make love if he were him, how he would kiss, what the puffiness on the front of his jeans would look like. I always dreamed that I was having sex with my husband when he came in and out of me, that I was crushed under his weight.

When my husband and I got back from work, we usually ate dinner with them, sat down, went home to bed. I would be glad if he is also at home, if he is not outside. I would like him to look at me the way I look at him and like him. In the family, I would wear skirts as short as possible, blouses with straps, and I would try to attract your attention as much as possible. What did I lack from the bitches he slept with! At weddings, picnics, beaches we went to, I always cut him off, made excuses to be close to him, to touch his hand and arm.

Finally, the dreaded thing happened. My husband’s long-term military service has begun. With him, my loneliness also began. My sex life, which I had already found inadequate, was now completely reset. The days did not know how to pass. Get up in the morning, go to work, come in the evening, eat the food prepared by your mother-in-law, sit down for a while, help the woman, stare at your mother-in-law with hungry eyes if she’s at home, fuck off to your own house at bedtime, in your lonely bed, caress yourself caressingly. 5, 10, 20 days, 1 month, 3 months… I couldn’t take it anymore. I was very horny, masculinity hit me on the head. No, whatever if I didn’t get the taste of fucking! Good or bad, it’s too bad to stay like a stalk after getting used to having sex with a man!

Sometimes I found myself immersed in erotic dreams while looking at Mert, his lips, dirty beard, biceps, the puffiness on the front of the pants, and then I was trying to come to myself by shrugging. I was looking around at Mert with fear. Did he see that I was looking at him with desire? Did he understand what was going through my mind, how much I wanted him? I think he knew because he was aware. I could feel it. When I lifted my eyes up from the front of the pants and shorts while watching him where I was sitting, I encountered his eyes looking at me, asking several times. I was embarrassed, my cheeks burned hot, I blushed like a young girl. What are you looking at, idiot? Just understand! How many months has your brother been gone? Do you know how many months I’ve been without a man?

A violent shaking for 10 seconds with a strange noise coming from the bottom. We all jumped to our feet. I’m scared to death. Throwing the tea cup in my hand and screaming, I hugged Mert, who was standing right next to me, with that fear. He also hugged me tightly between his arms as if to protect me. Dec. And after the concussion ended, I couldn’t leave him for a while. We were looking at each other in fear, at the swinging chandelier, at the overturned glasses on the sideboard. My heart was beating like a bird, tears were coming out of my eyes. Then I realized the situation. Because I was in the arms of my brother-in-law.

I’m so relieved. I was safe in his arms. I rested my head on his broad chest, took a deep breath, inhaled his sweet male scent. His hands were stroking my back, holding me tight with his arms. “Shhh… Okay auntie, btti, don’t be afraid anymore, calm down!” he was trying to comfort, calm down with that thick male voice, saying.

I’ve calmed down now. But I liked standing like this so much. I was willing to stay like this until morning if necessary. In his arms, wrapped tightly, my breasts are crushed against his muscular body, our crotches are stuck together. But unfortunately, I had to leave involuntarily when my mother-in-law stopped praying and returned to us. Agitated, we sat on thorns. Another while passed. Sleep began to take its toll. My father-in-law told us to go to bed now, there’s nothing to be afraid of. I was still terrified. They asked me to sleep there, I refused, “I can’t sleep, mom, I want to sleep in my own bed. But I’m also afraid that I’m alone…” I said in despair.

My mother-in-law said, “If you want to go home, go, girl. If you’re afraid, just come and sleep in the living room. It’ll be comfortable when there’s someone at home, baby! Come on, Mert, stay at your aunt’s tonight!” I couldn’t believe my ears when you said. Because it’s me and Ben. The husband is alone in the house. I maintained my scared appearance, trying to hide my joy. My voice trembled, “It would be very nice, mom! Believe me, I’m scared to death. If there is a breath in the house, at least I can get some sleep. Otherwise, I won’t be able to go to work in the morning because of insomnia!I said.

We said goodnight and went downstairs with my brother-in-law. My hands were shaking with excitement when I opened the door of the house. I made up the bed in the small room for him to go to bed. I turned on the TV and went to Mert, who was trying to find out the severity of the earthquake. He made room for me on the triple seat where he was sitting, I sat next to him, we started watching together. We were watching TV on the one hand, chatting on the other. I was so happy that he was next to me, next to me…

We were just talking about the fear we had, the concussion, so that there wouldn’t be another crunch? I think it was one of the minor aftershocks of mild intensity. But even the fear of this small concussion was enough for me to jump to my feet. The same thing happened again, I hugged Mert, who stood up with me. It didn’t even take two or three seconds, crunch. But I was still in his arms, inseparable, enjoying the strong arms that hugged me. Because again, he was trying to calm me down by stroking my back with agitated movements. I was tucked into his arms like a cat. My whole body was in contact with hers, I was holding tight.

At that moment, I felt the stiffness that touched my stomach. With the presence of our bodies in close contact with each other, my brother-in-law’s cock became like a stone, and he began to feel Decently between us. I shuddered from head to toe. A fire started in my groin. He, too, stirred uneasily. Hands stroking my back grabbed my bare arms, I felt that he was trying to pull me away from himself. He said to me in a rough voice, “You were so scared again, aunt. I’ll get you some water!” he said, trying not to show his front to me, turned around, went to the kitchen.

I just stood there. I threw myself on the sofa. My cheeks were on fire. I looked at my mother-in-law who came with a water glass in her hand with my eyes starting to fill up. God, how handsome he was. I could have died, for him to hug me, to love me, to make love to me. I won’t beg, even if I have to fall at your feet. But at that moment I couldn’t say anything, I just looked into his eyes, I couldn’t speak. And he was afraid to even look at me. I took the glass he held out and drank the water in one stitch. He had destroyed the swell in front of him as he had managed. There was no sign of the hardness just before.

He walked away from me, sat down on the seat opposite, started watching TV. I was watching him, too. He wasn’t talking at all. I think he was having a terrific struggle inside. I could feel it. Me, his brother’s wife, his sister-in-law. The cock that got hard for me… Once we sat like this, watching TV in silence. Then I yawned a couple, like I was sleepy. I put my feet up and stretched out on the seat, stretched my length naturally. I started watching TV while lying down. after 5-10 minutes, my eyelids really got heavy, I passed out. I don’t know how long I stayed in this situation, because I came to my senses when T. called me. But I couldn’t open my eyes. He was calling to me from where he was sitting, “Aunt? Have you slept?” because.

I didn’t answer, I mumbled in my sleep as if I were dreaming. I lifted one of my legs and put my foot on the floor where I was lying, and the other I planted my knee in the air and rested it on the back of the seat. My short skirt above the knee opened up well with this movement. He called out a few more times, I supposedly went back to sleep again, I didn’t respond. My head had fallen to the side. Because I was watching Dec through my eyelashes. He couldn’t take his eyes off me, off my opened legs. He put his hand to the puffiness on the front of his pants, kept stroking it. Because he thought I was sleeping, he got up and came to me. He knelt down in front of the sofa. He grabbed me by the shoulder and shook me gently, “Sister-in-law? Come on, wake up!” said.

I was trying to breathe properly, I kept making it look like I was sleeping. I had closed my eyes. I waited, wondering what he would do. He stood still for a while. I think he was watching my legs, which my skirt left on the square, my breasts through the open collar of my blouse. Then I suddenly felt the contact of your hand at my feet…

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