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Hello, I’m Selin. I’m 34 years old. This story happened to me 14 years ago. I was 20 years old then, I was studying in Ankara and at the same time I was working as a clerk in a store. One day when I was working in the store, an athletic builder of my age walked into the store, he had a very nice appearance. I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t impressed with the look. Except for the missing fingers on his right hand, he had a perfect appearance. She bought a stamped trousers for her father, and when she bought it she asked for a size 40 of a trousers that was on the hanger. And I’m normally like, “For whom?” I said. “For me.” said. “It wouldn’t be a size 40 for you.” I said. “I want size 40.” said. I said no, he stubbornly asked for size 40. I said, “Do you have a bet? To dinner! Size 40 won’t come to you!” I said. “Alright!” he said and gave me one size 40 and one size 42 Pants (actually I was thinking of giving 44,

Anyway, he entered the cabin and took out one of the pants he wore. It was as if the pants were custom made for him. I immediately said, “Look, size 42 fits you perfectly, and you are stubborn as 40!” I said. He handed me the other pair of trousers he was holding, smiling slightly. The trousers he was holding were size 42, I was officially dumbstruck. He asked me, “I won the bet, when are we going out for dinner?” said. I tried to twist it, but I couldn’t save it, we agreed on Saturday night.

He appeared in front of the store 5-10 minutes before my Saturday checkout time. He was dressed very stylishly and was wearing the pants we bet that day. We’re out. “Where shall we go?” I said. “You lost the dish, you choose!” said. I took Tunalı to a restaurant I know. We started chatting during dinner. He was very nice and friendly. During dinner, I told her everything, from the fact that I live here alone, from the school I went to, to my father’s profession, to being a housewife with anemia. What I knew about him was that he worked in a hospital, he was a technician and his name was Koray. The meal was over, just as I was about to say goodbye to him and ask for his phone, “We had our dinner, let’s have some fun, you ordered the dinner, I can’t get over it, I’ll take you to a nice place!” she said. I said no at first, but when I said we were going to a famous club, I agreed.

We took a taxi. The bodyguard at the door buttoned up right in front of you, “Welcome bro!” said. It means he’s been here many times before. We went in, sat at the bar. The bartender knew him too. He asked me, “What do you drink?” said. “Beer.” I said. “It won’t go away, a pretty girl like you shouldn’t drink simple drinks like that, let’s buy you Baileys!” said. “Alright.” I could say. I was drinking this drink for the first time and believe me, I really liked it. Think of coffee with cream and sugar alcoholic, with grains of ice in it. We drank for quite some time. I was quite drunk. While I was dancing, I was so impressed by his perfume that I was rubbing myself against him and trying to turn him on. I wanted to be with him, I had set my mind, I had to get him…

I was pretty drunk. He said to me, “Now let me drop you home!” said. “Alright.” I said. We took a taxi. Half asleep, half awake, we came to the apartment. He lifted me up. We entered my house, I was already in the hallway, pressed to his lips. I don’t remember after a long kiss. My intention was to straighten myself up to him.

When I woke up the next day, I was in my room with all my clothes on. I got up, washed my face and went to the living room. Koray had taken off his clothes, folded them carefully, put them on the coffee table, and laying on the sofa with a blanket over him. He didn’t even touch me when I was drunk. Whereas, if there was another man in his place, he could have done anything he wanted to me while I was so smitten with him. But Koray had done nothing. This behavior made him even more attractive. I made him breakfast and went into the living room to wake him up.

It was uncovered, wearing only a narrow boxer, and her big cock was curled up in it. At that moment, I felt like getting on top of it, but I got hold of myself. I woke him up. He went to the bathroom to wash his hands. I watched her with admiration as she left. He had a perfect triangle body, tight hips, a thin waist, broad shoulders, muscular arms and shoulders, very arousing. We had our breakfast. I brought the word into the night, “Anyone else would do whatever he wanted to me!” I said. “Yes I know, but sex is fine when two people want each other! Otherwise, what if I fuck you when you’re drunk, what if I don’t!” she said. When he finished this sentence, I was already sitting on his lap and pressed against his lips…

He carried me in his arms to my bedroom, lowered me to the floor, and undressed me with such calm movements that I myself could not undress so gently. He clung to my lips, laid me on my bed, started sucking on my earlobes, and then went down to my neck. Between kissing and sucking, it felt very nice to me. He landed on my breasts, sucking and caressing them. After lingering there for a while, he started sucking down and licking my cunt. He was using his tongue so wonderfully it was blowing me away. He started shoving a finger into my pussy, both warning me with his finger and sucking on my clit. He gave me my first orgasm in a short time. I was begging him to come inside me now…

It came over me, slowly entered me. I could feel your dick in every millimeter of my ejaculated cunt, it was so beautiful I can’t describe it. It was going up and down fast now. As he accelerates, I say, “More, more!” I was moaning. After going on like this for a while, he took me to the top and got in my pussy again. I bent over him, he was both sucking my breasts and pumping my pussy from the bottom, it was amazing. Then he pushed me by the shoulders and made me sit up straight on him. It was still inside of me. He grabbed my waist and started rocking back and forth. It shook me with an accelerating pace. And I’m off again. What a discharge! The water from my pussy was coming up to Koray’s face between the two of us. He was still fucking…

I ejaculated 3 times in a row like this, but he still did not ejaculate. I felt bad at that moment, I couldn’t empty the man who took me to the top of the peaks 4 times even once. Which, my other boyfriend, whom I was with before, would have ejaculated in 5 minutes. Koray was inside me for more than half an hour and still had not ejaculated. Something occurred to me and I leaned in his ear and said, “Will you do me behind my back?” I said. At that moment, his eyes lit up, which meant yes. I got up right off him, got on all fours in the bed and said, “Come on man, fuck my ass!” I was moaning.

He approached me. I reached my hand back and placed his dick in the mouth of my back hole with my hand. He started pushing. It was slowly getting into my ass. Since I had anal sex before, I could take it in my ass without pity. You don’t know how I liked it when her crotch met my butt. He was showering me with compliments. It started to go in and out of my ass with an accelerating pace. “Yes my love, I am coming!” she was saying. And I’m like, “Fuck my man, fuck my ass like you want!” I was moaning. Which, before, I only did anal sex because my boyfriend wanted it and I didn’t enjoy it. But I was flying with pleasure while Koray was fucking my ass. While Koray continued to accelerate and fuck my ass, he started to play with my cunt and we both ejaculated at the same time. I ejaculated again while he sprayed his semen down my ass like a volcano. I lay on the bed, and he collapsed on me…

He was just standing in my hard ass and kissing my neck, sniffing my hair. I even enjoyed being crushed under it. After a while he came out of my ass and lay down next to me. So I lay on his chest, we each smoked a cigarette and we got up and went to the shower together. Once we got under the shower, we started kissing again. I couldn’t get enough of him. He gave me a good wash first, and he leaned my back against the wall, collapsed, licking and sucking on my cunt. I was pressing his head against my ass. After a while he straightened up and I lifted one leg up, wrapping it around his waist, and he shoved his dick in my ass. I wrapped my second leg around his waist. I was in his lap and he was making me jump. It went on like this until I ejaculated. Then I got off his lap and turned around and said, “Come on man, cum too, fuck my ass!” I said. He immediately placed it in my ass and started pumping. It was going in and out of my ass like crazy. And it was gone after a while. We took our showers again and got out, went inside. It was late evening. He had to go and got dressed and left.

Then we were with him for 3 weeks. Every time we met, we made love for hours and fucked like crazy. But at the end of the 3rd week, we had an argument because of my jealousy and she said we can’t see each other anymore and she left. That departure, I never heard from him again. I learned soon after I broke up with him that he was right, I was jealous of a girl at the store where I worked. I also argued with that girl. That girl said to me, “You are so lucky, I hit on him a lot but he didn’t give up, if you’re an idiot you broke up with him, oh it’s worth it!” said. At that moment, if I say that the worlds collapsed on my head, it would be correct.

I saw him for the first time in the Metro 3 years after we broke up, he had a little blond boy in his arms, and his wife next to him! He was married. I wanted to go and meet him like an old friend and tell him I had lost his number, but I couldn’t even approach him thinking his wife might cause problems. I never saw or knew a man like him again, nor could I have sex with such a man.

I have never forgotten you and I will never forget you Koray! If you ever want to get away, I hope you find me!

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