I am an 18 year old girl from Ankara. I finished high school this year . I am quite
tall and have a nice body. My hips, which have the perfect consistency, turn
every man’s eye. My breasts are not too big,
but the beauty of their freshness is more than enough.

As for my story… I had a lot of boyfriends during high school. but my
sexual experiences have always been limited. my boyfriends
have always had to be content with touching me the most.
I wouldn’t allow more because I didn’t feel ready .

I also have an older brother who is studying at university. He is also a
volleyball player. I mean, he’s very tall and handsome. Even though we fight often, when we were
, I would sit on his lap and win him with a brotherly kiss

One of the last days of school, I came home early, no one was there. I was thoroughly overwhelmed by the stress of ÖSS
. I wanted to do something different.
I started looking at porn sites on the net . When the movies I saw turned me on, I took off my school skirt, which I hadn’t taken off, and started to caress my womanhood over
my white panties .
after a while
i started fingering myself from the side of my panties. i didn’t put it
inside so as not to hurt my girl. Even so, it was enough to drive me crazy with pleasure .
On the other hand, I was completely insane with the effect of the cigarette I was smoking
. After a while I came out screaming. It was the first time in my life.

but at the same time, I came to myself with my brother’s smile. My brother came home
and was watching me and I had not heard. While I was trying to get myself together, my brother
said, “What did our little clatter know?” I
said don’t you do it too? by the way, my eyes fell on my brother’s puffy pants. It was as if
an animal was about to jump out. So I said, go and rein in that one in front of
you. He said how would it be if we restrained each other. I was angry with this word.
My brother was openly offering to sleep with me.

While I was trying to pack up and run away, he grabbed me by the arm and pulled me
to him. I was struggling to get rid of his hand, but it was not possible. he twisted my arm
and dropped me face down on the bed. I was hurt so bad . I
started to scream. This time he pulled my hair out of my head and gave me a slap.
I fell facedown on the pillow. He lay down on top of me from behind and said in my ear, either
willingly or by force, I’ve been waiting for this day for two years, you have no salvation.

I was confused about what to do. He was licking my ear meanwhile,
rubbing his dick at me. I was disgusted with his saliva in my ear
, begging me not to do it.
He started to caress my legs with his hand. He took off my skirt
and saw that I didn’t have any panties, and he slapped my ass. this time, he lifted my skirt and
started kissing and squeezing my hips. On the other hand, he was
saying to his hips that I am sick.

Then he got up and took off his clothes. he unbuttoned his pants and
let his dick loose. It was not as big as I feared. It was 16-17 cm.
He placed it between my cheeks and started rubbing it. after a few
tides, she gushed and ejaculated her semen down my back.

When his dick got off, he got off me and left the room. While I was happy that it was over, he
came with a washcloth and cream. He gave me another slap and
said we’re not done yet. again he grabbed my hair and brought my head to his dick and
ordered me to lick it. I took it in my mouth without resistance. As my brother made it go and come in my mouth, his dick
became huge again.

When I took it out of my mouth, he made me lie on my face again. He took off my skirt, but
my school shirt was still there. He put me in a coiled position and
started creaming my back hole. He was putting the cream he took on his finger deepest
. I was both protective and curious at the same time.
When the creaming was done, he grabbed her dick and placed his head in my hole . I
was very tense. He forced his head into me. Then he pulled
it from my waist and pressed it, and all of a sudden they plunged into me. it feels ripped off
. After stopping for a while, it slowly started to rhyme.

my brother was fucking me in my ass and I couldn’t breathe because of the pain. My brother put it in a doggy
style and got on top of me. While he was pumping,
he put his hands inside my shirt and cupped my breasts. I started to like this situation and I started to feel
pleasure with the pain. Then
I felt that hot liquid flowing into me. My brother was discharged. He pumped 1-2 more times until his dick went down
. Then he stopped and we collapsed on the bed together.
Even then, he continued to lick me. I, on the other hand, was
disgusted with it, despite the pleasure I received. After removing his dick
, he wiped his last offspring on me, kissed me on the lips and left.

This event was a turning point for me. Now I fuck with everything I want
, I get it in my every hole. So now I’m a total bitch.
Even though I hate my brother, we continue to have sex with him.

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