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I was only 16 years old at the time. I was in the village. The nuts were collected, and we were making a spike of nuts with friends. That garden is yours, this garden is mine, we used to collect hidden nuts from the garden owners, then sell them to the grocery store, buy chocolate, candy, make our day.

One day, we went into Uncle Zubeyir’s uncollected garden with friends. We were stealing nuts, but when Uncle Zubeyir fired his rifle, we all scattered like freckles and ran away. But Emine could not escape, she sat down at the foot of a hazelnut tree out of fear. Uncle Zubeyir caught Emine and said to her, “Now you will see what it means to steal nuts from an uncollected place!” saying that, he grabbed her by the hair and started beating her. From behind the moat, we were secretly watching what was happening. Emine started peeing in her bag out of fear. She was crying and peeing at the same time. Emin’s bag was wet. When Uncle Zubeyir saw this situation, he stopped beating and said, “Now you’ll see!” he sure took off his bag and underpants with a snap.

Emine was also 16 years old. Her legs were white, her pussy was hairless. We were seeing everything clearly. Because of the thorns between us, Emine and Uncle Zubeyir did not see us either. Dec. Uncle Zubeyir put Emine on the floor and pulled down his own pants, and he fell on Emine with his dick up. Emine screams, makes a mess of everything, but Uncle Zubeyir lifted Emin’s legs to his shoulder, patted them with a dick or two, and then spent it all the way to the bottom with Emin’s cock. Emin’s voice stopped, Uncle Zubeyir was continuing to fuck. he fucked for 10-15 minutes and got up. Emin loved it, brought it to himself by slapping him in the face several times and saying, “Get out of my garden, I’ll fuck you all if I see you here again!” so he threw his bag over him and left.

We ran out of the garden without waiting for Emine. I saw Emine in the neighborhood last night. Emine said to me, “Why the fuck did you run away? Why did you leave me and leave!” he was reproaching, but since he thought we didn’t know that Uncle Zubeyr was fucking himself, he said, “I also ran away after you. Why didn’t you wait for me?” he was saying. I said, “Everyone ran away, but I was waiting for you. I saw what Uncle Zubeyir did to you. But he had a rifle, I couldn’t save you out of fear!” I showed closeness. When Emine realized that I knew everything, she changed, “Please don’t tell anyone! The animal man ruined my girlhood. I just got out of bed. I’m aching all over!” he also began to show closeness to me. He also strictly instructed me not to tell my friends.

9-10 days later, we went into the gardens to make virgo again. Emine busefer was not leaving my side. So I pointed and went towards a separate garden, Emine came after me, we October friends. When we were alone, he said, “Didn’t you tell anyone?” he asked. And I said, “Let me tell you, it’s a secret between us! Dec.” I tried to reassure him, but he said, “Let me kiss you once!” I asked for my bribe by saying. It’s like“ “No way!” and so on, Naza started pulling. I said, “You know, what’s a kiss if you don’t want me to tell people about what you went through with Uncle Zubeyir?” I started polling. “All right then, kiss it once, but don’t tell anyone!” she held out her cheek. I kissed her once between the cheeks and the lips, but my dick was up. Dec. We didn’t really know what sex was at that time, either of us. Kissing on TV and everything, that’s all we know. I’ve just learned how to shoot 31. When I kissed Emine, my dick was raised. We’re sitting next to each other, I put my hand on her neck, “You’re so cute, girl!” I pulled him to me and kissed him again on the lip. This is getting pretty naughty or something, but I put my hand on her breasts, started stroking.

It made me push, “Okay, you kissed me. There’s no more, that’s it!” he’s making it difficult because of something like that. So I started threatening, “Look, I’ll tell everyone about you, if you don’t give it to me once, you’ll be disgraced!” I threatened to say, “Your girlhood is broken already, fuck it once, I don’t want it again look!”I put the last point by saying. This started to soften, she no longer objected to me stroking her breasts. I grabbed her breasts from under her T-shirt, started squeezing. It’s like“ “Okay, but do it once and swear on your mother’s behalf that you won’t tell anyone else!” he swore at me. I would have sworn on my family at that moment with my upturned dick. I’ve taken off your bag and underwear. I slid my dick over her pussy once or twice like Uncle Zubeyir and got into her pussy. It screamed “It hurts!” because. I also kissed on her lips, sucking and fucking at the same time. But before two minutes had passed, my waistline arrived. I poured it in. I’m up. This one immediately put on his baggy top and said, “Let’s go now!” he set off. We had to go to friends.

It was the first time I had fucked a girl. There was nothing to say about my mood. We came to the village, of course, I couldn’t collect nuts because I was chasing am. Friends sold their nuts, bought food from the grocery store and ate. Because I didn’t have any nuts, I thought of Uncle Zubeyir’s uncollected garden, and I went there. I was picking some nuts when I dived in, I felt a strong hand grab my hand. It was uncle Zubeyir. “What the hell are you doing in an uncollected place?” he knocked me down in a slap. I got up with anger, “Look, I’m going to tell everyone about you, I saw you fuck Emine!” I stood up in front of him and started making threats. Uncle Zubeyir grabbed me again and said, “And a threat, huh?” he slapped me again, saying. I was moving on from where I was rolling, saying, “I’m going to tell everyone!” because of something like that.

This time he grabbed me and twisted my hand behind my back, immobilizing me. Just as he unbuttoned my trousers, he took them down with my underpants. He put me face down on the floor and said, “Now tell me so I can see, you faggot boy!” so he took his dick out and put it behind me. I couldn’t move because he twisted my arm. He spat on my ass and put his finger inside me saying ‘Hart’. I thought I was dying of pain. Then he spat his dick out and put it on my ass. He wouldn’t come in, and he was getting me into a dog stance more and more. Finally, when I got a strong slap on the head, I let myself go, he got in my ass as ‘Hart’. Tuesday. I’m screaming out of pain, but who’s listening? He fucked me screaming and screaming and it exploded inside me. And he kicked me in the ass and said, “Go, you fucking faggot, no matter who you tell!” he kicked me out of the garden, saying. I got up, I was out of breath and fucked up, I walked out of the garden by force.

I fucked my first pussy with a threat on the same day, but I threatened again on the same day, but this time I got fucked, I was an ass. After that, I’ve fucked a lot of boy asses by this time, in revenge for the pain, but I’ve never fucked my ass! Stay healthy and don’t threaten anyone for an Asshole, friends. It’s hard after that 🙂

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