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pornhub brazzers’nın sohbeti My Mother’s Help to Me and Our Changing Life Hello, I wish the incest story readers a good read. As you can Decipher from the title, the story takes place between my mother and me, as it is customary, let me start by introducing us both and talking about our physical characteristics. My mother’s name is Nagihan, she is 40 years old. To tell you about her physical characteristics, she is blonde, 1.75 tall, about 75-80 kilograms. Because her height is tall for a woman, she doesn’t look fat despite her weight, she’s just a little fishy. A very beautiful, attractive and well-groomed woman. I am 16 years old, my name is Honor. I’m going to high school three. I guess it won’t interest you much, but let me also talk about my own physical characteristics, my height is 1.73 kg, and I’m 58, in short, I’m a little skinny, skinny person.

My parents divorced 5 years ago, I live with my mother, I am an only child. My mother works as a civil servant at a school, and I can say that we live a comfortable life because my father pays a good amount of child support. My mother has always been very fond of me. Since Dad and I were completely alone after we broke up, I was the only one in the center of his world for him now. My mother is a comfortable woman in general, such is her lifestyle. This comfort, combined with his extreme fondness for me, has always been beyond the boundaries of a normal mother-son relationship Decoupled between us. For example, my mother has been kissing me on both cheek and lip for as long as I can remember, and this has not changed as I have got older, she still kisses me on the lips often. Apart from that, she doesn’t really wear anything except low-cut blouses, dresses, tight trousers, short skirts in terms of clothing anyway. Of course, these are when you go to work or when you go out.

She is much more comfortable at home, especially in the summer when it is hot, she wears a bra over a small pair of shorts or a T-shirt without a bra long enough to cover her hips, and often only panties underneath. Because I grew up without boundaries in this way, I mostly walk around the house wearing only boxers. In short, we live in a way that can be called naked when there is no stranger in the house.

And this comfort is not just about these things. For example, he is not afraid to get dressed and undressed in my presence, so he does not come and undress especially in my presence, of course, but even if I am in the room, he does not go to another room and undress. For example, I never forget that I was 12 or 13 years old, I slept with my mother at night in my mother’s bed. (we used to sleep together like this from time to time since mom and dad broke up) I woke up in the morning and mom was wearing her clothes to go to work in front of the wardrobe across the bed, her back was turned to me, she had nothing on except her leopard print panties underneath.

When she turned towards me, she saw that I had woken up and, without even feeling the need to cover her big breasts with her hand, she just smiled and said, “are you awake, baby, good morning.” Of course, it was not an abnormal situation for me, since I have encountered similar sights a lot before, I just gave you this example to explain the situation between us. Dec. In the same way, I was comfortable with him, when he was in my room, I would get dressed and undressed without hesitation, he would see everywhere, including my dick. In fact, once I came home from playing ball outside and I was sweating, I was going to go to my room right away and undress and throw myself in the bathroom. My mom was sweeping my room at the time, I said, ”hi, mom,” and started taking off my clothes. The last time I took off my boxer shorts, my mother looked at me and said, “honey, aren’t you getting the hairs on your pip?” The hairs in that area and in my armpit had just started to come out, and I didn’t know that I should get those hairs or how to get them.

– What do you mean, should I buy it?
+ Of course, baby, otherwise the dirt will accumulate Decently between those hairs
– But how will I get it, Mom, if I cut myself off?
– You won’t stop, darling, I’ll teach you.

Then we went to the bathroom together and with a razor he cut off all the hairs on my dick and around it beautifully, and then he washed and rinsed it, lathering it beautifully with soap. Then he put a little kiss on my “pussy”, as he called it, smiled and said, “look, it’s happened, and nowhere has been cut”. Of course, this was more than a sensual kiss, it was a mother’s tender kiss to her little son’s pussy.

Probably, what I have told you so far has given you enough idea about our relationship. Dec. Now let’s move on to the part where the main story begins.
I was just at the beginning of my adolescence, you know the conversations between men at that age. Dec. A period when everyone climbs the straight wall, so to speak, out of horny. Of course, I was also involved in this conversation whether I wanted to or not, and I had heard about the “thirty-one shooting” for the first time in these conversations. I decided to try it, one day when I was home alone, I undressed, lay down on my bed and started filming. I was thinking about the beautiful girls in the class. According to our parents, I was supposed to cum no later than ten or fifteen minutes later, I was very excited that it would be the first time.

But as time progressed, I realized that there was a problem. Because it’s been ten minutes, when I say it’s been twenty minutes, it’s half an hour. I had pain in my arm, but still no clicks. At the end of two hours, I could only make it, it was an amazing feeling, incredibly enjoyable. However, it had taken too long than necessary and I was very tired, I was covered in sweat. I didn’t understand why it was taking so long and decided to research it on the Internet. After looking a little, I saw that this is a rare problem; “late ejaculation”. If you want, you can also search and look on the Internet. Yes, many people have the opposite problem, but my problem was late ejaculation. I tried a few more times in the following days, but the result was always the same, I was getting tired and quitting after a while because I was pulling for a long time, and my balls were aching and throbbing because I couldn’t ejaculate. You also know this situation, your testicles are full, the body now wants to throw them out.

On the one hand, it gives pleasure, raises your libido, but at some point it also causes trouble, because after all, it’s a need, and I can’t get off and relax.
This situation was starting to upset me a lot now, my face was always glum in the house. Of course, my mother, who sees me as everything, whose biggest goal in life is my happiness, immediately realized this situation and began to ask why. I was constantly passing by saying ”it’s nothing” or something, but it was very difficult to resist my mother’s persistent questions. Again, while I was lying on my bed with my back against my back, my mother came into my room, she was wearing a white linen skirt well above the knee, a satin blouse with zero sleeves with a deep neckline. He sat on the edge of my bed.

– Baby, how are you doing?
I’ve never been sitting like that, Mom.
– Still won’t you tell me what happened?
+ There’s nothing wrong, Mom.
Honey, look, you can fool anyone in this life, but you can’t fool me. Anyway, tell me your problem, I’m your mother, if you’re not going to tell me, who are you going to tell?
I was silent with my head down.
– If you’re worried about getting mad or something, you know I wouldn’t be mad at you for anything.
+ No, mom, it has nothing to do with being angry. That’s not something I can tell you.
– how so? Or is it a girl thing or something? Is he in love or is he my little prince?
+ No, no, it’s not like that either.
– Look, my dear boy, whatever this is, it’s upsetting you, and I won’t let it happen. You’re telling me fast, so let’s see.

+ No, mom, I really can’t tell you, so this is a little more of a guy-related issue.
– How exactly do you mean about men, baby, can you open up a little more?
I responded by being silent again. After my mother was silent for a while, too:
– Look, honey, if you mean about men, about sexuality, you can tell me, there’s nothing to be afraid of Nov. If I am your mother, I will do my best to solve a problem. You are my only asset in this life, you are my most precious, you are my everything.
I was silent again, my mother assumed:
– Is it something like that, I mean, a problem with sexuality?
+ I said almost, my head is in front with shame.
– How do you mean, what exactly is the problem?
+ Either now mom, men do something, or you know
– What do they do
+ With his hands, you know…
– Are you trying to say masturbation?
+ Ee..i said yes, stuttering.
– I mean, of course, you’re in adolescence, most people can react to it, but at this age, I think these things are normal at this age. And what is the problem, dear?
+ Either friends were talking, I also heard from them

i wanted to try.
– Well?
+ I did it for a while, but it didn’t happen.
– What didn’t happen?
+ Something liquid flows, when that didn’t happen. But it happened after about 2 hours, but I was very tired. And then I looked it up on the internet or something, it wasn’t normal that it took so long.
– Actually, yes, it’s not normal that it takes this long. Maybe it was because you did it for the first time, did you try it later?

+ I tried the same again, it doesn’t happen before 1.5-2 hours. When I walk too long, I get tired and quit. And when it doesn’t flow, I can’t relax, my balls hurt. That’s why I’m getting depressed.
– God, I’m surprised too, why would such a thing happen.
– i don’t know.
We were both silent for a while, and then Mom said, “Go out and try it, and let me see if there’s anything abnormal.”

– What do you mean, while you’re looking at it?
+ Yes, what’s wrong with that, honey, I’m your mom, you don’t normally do this, but there’s something abnormal, and as your mom, I’m wondering, I’m worried. There’s nothing to be ashamed of, sweetheart.
When there was no move from me, my mother first pulled off my sweatpants with her hand, and then my boxer shorts. My dick was already upturned. Mom said, “Come on, baby, I told you there’s nothing to be afraid of.” Embarrassed, I grabbed my dick with my hand and started doing it back and forth. But nothing had changed. Half an hour had passed, my mother said, ”There is still no movement.”
– No, Mom.

+ I wonder if it would have an effect if you looked at something or something?
– What do you mean, something?
+ When there are videos or something like that on the Internet about it, in the style of porn or something.
Again, I had heard about these porn incidents in conversations with my friends and so on, but I had never opened and watched them, I was even more embarrassed when I heard about them from my mother.
– I don’t know, mom, I’ve never watched it before.
+ Let’s try it that way.

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