Hello, I am 1.75 m tall and light blonde from Konya, I am 24 years old, anyway
, I am
working in a popular shopping center in Konya, I am very tired as you know, I was very tired again in
the evening of such a tiring day . I
ordered pizza and coke,
then I took a shower to relax, I went to the room, looked at the TV, lay on the sofa, I
was startled by the knock on the door, I think our pizzeria Ahmet
came, I couldn’t believe my eyes when I opened the door, I couldn’t believe my eyes . your ex-boyfriend

He said that he was following him and that he was afraid that he would do something to him
, so I invited him inside to rest a little and have a glass of water.
He paused for a bit and then came in. When I asked about Ahmet, he said that he was on the order and
that he was on his way home, so his house was on this route
, so he brought the order himself. By the way,
Selin was a 20-year-old girl with fair skin but black hair (by the way,
I have a weakness for girls like this) after her fear was over, we started
a level conversation to comfort her a
little bit. We know that she is from Ankara. He said that he had read the chapter and after shbettn he
asked for permission to make me stay a little longer, my pc is broken.
I asked him if he could look it up, he thought for a while and he went to the
computer desk and started messing with the pc so I went inside and went to buy a coke. When I entered the room, I saw that the
flood was looking at my private file (usually the file with my pictures and some porn movies that I liked), when I came, she tried to close it, but she tried to close it. He could n’t do it, so I told him that he could look at him if he wanted, and he started to look at the movies, albeit shyly . In the movie, he was licking the short man’s cock like ice cream. Of course, my little one couldn’t stand it and started to resurrect. Selin was a little embarrassed when she saw this. Her cheeks were very red. Her innocence made me a little more aroused. She was looking forward, lifting her chin.

I looked into his eyes and shook his head as if to say I want it. I slowly
stood up and kissed his lips, he didn’t resist and we started kissing like crazy, I hugged his back with one hand and started stroking his
chest with my other hand, he didn’t stay idle either, he put his hand on my dick and started stroking , my cock was like iron Now, after some kissing , I took her in my arms and took her to the bedroom and laid her on the bed, I’m a virgin, she said okay we’re just going to do oral, I said ok and we started kissing again I pulled her t-shirts up and we were kissing and stroking her breasts, I took off her t-shorts and from above I sucked down and went down to her breasts and started sucking once in a while

i was biting her nipples she was enjoying it so much she was moaning perfectly provocatively
i went down and took off her pants she was wearing a white
thong she was wearing a thong her cunt was clean and in the water
i put my hand on her cunt and i started sucking from her belly to her groin
and i went down on her cunt i started licking her moans well it got
bigger and started pressing my head on her pussy, soon it started to get
tight I continued to lick her pussy and she ejaculated tremblingly, I sucked all the
juices of pleasure, I licked her pussy a little more and we started kissing again
, hugging her tight and thanking her, she said she had never
experienced such pleasure, we kissed some more selin, you kiss very well
I said, I can do other things very well , he
started stroking my dick, I leaned my back on the headboard of the bed and got into a semi-sitting
position, first he wet my cock by licking it, then he started giving blowjob,
he was doing it really well as he said, it was as if he was sucking the blood of my cock
, once in a while my eggs she was exploiting, I changed the
position so as not to ejaculate right away, then I lay in her mouth and lay on the bed, I sat
her on my head and started licking her pussy, and she
was flying from pleasure again and she started saying do it now, fuck me, I put my dick close to her pussy I ran it between her pussy
with excitement, my dick was like a stake in your hole
I leaned in and slowly started to get into the honey box, the hole was very narrow
and I wanted to make him feel as little pain as I could, my dick was in the head, I stuck
his head in and out for a while, I
started to push his head a little further, his head went all the way in, when I inserted it a little more, his
screams started to get louder , I waited for a while then I
kissed for a bit , I told her that she is about to be my wife ,
I told her that I would make her very happy , I took my dick out a little bit and
four or five drops of blood dripped from the edge of the bed I put it in line
again and pulled it back again the blood was still dripping lightly , I snuggled again,
I bent down, I kissed a little bit, I said you are my dear wife,
each time he puts it a little further, I waited a little and finally
I inserted it all, I waited for a while, he hugged me tightly and
I started to come and go slowly, he said, my love hurts a lot, I came out of it, we
waited a little bit, the pain subsided or he got used to the pain, I entered again
and slowly I started to come and go and he started to enjoy it and
after a while it came out and I came out of it and then we took a nice shower.
I woke up for a moment, the phone was ringing, the doorbell was ringing, I immediately
looked around, but there was no flood, then I realized that everything was a dream, I said damn it
, I immediately opened the door, it was my friends, they came because we had a match at 10 o’clock,
so we were late in my dream with a girl I never knew
I was together, I had a ton of words from my friends, but
it was very nice if it was in a dream, yes, friends, they say, just in case you see it in your dreams
, this is my msn address
[email protected]
/* */ I am waiting especially for those in Konya, of course, with the condition
of confidentiality, maybe we make it real, have a sexy day everyone

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