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thank you for your interest in my story that I told before. Thanks to this, I was able to meet new couples. As the
couples I am with get to know me, they see that I am reliable and sincere, I
can now establish better relationships. Anyway
, after receiving an e-mail from a couple who wanted to meet me again,
we decided to meet on msn. I cannot reveal their names here because my credibility would
naturally be shaken.
I was very surprised and very aroused when (nicknames) turned on the trust and light cameras
. moth’s hand was holding her husband’s
fake cock, nur’s hand was holding her’s hot dick.. when she saw this
I was very aroused and I immediately sent my own sexy photos.. They looked at my sexy thong photos and they were very aroused and wanted to fuck
me with both confidence and light .. By the way, we phoned and called immediately . They immediately called me to their side. But it was evening and we agreed on tomorrow. The next morning I set out immediately. Confidence from those who greeted me welcomed me and we immediately went to them. We started chatting and eating something.. Nur wore a very sexy short skirt, fishnet stockings and slippers underneath.. At that moment, I wanted to fuck Nuru so much. and get the fuck up.. Trust seeing this “o volcano want to fuck you or do you want to dress like nur”

When he said that, my arousal increased even more. When I looked at the cock of the moth
, he was already starting to push his pants. Güven was determined to fuck my fresh ass..
Nur sat next to me at this time and
began to lick
my dick. I said to myself, “Death volcano,
you’re going to get fucked today”… He sat next to me safely and
took my other hand to his cock
. Now I had a fake dick and a real
hot dick.. My dick was like a stone. When Nur and
Güven started to undress me, they saw my newly bought legs and ass well.
they approached me. Nur got up and went to bring something from inside, meanwhile,
I was starting to take a hot cock in my mouth. I liked it very much, trust me.. while I was enjoying it, I suddenly felt the wetness
behind me as I bent down unknowingly .
Nur was licking my ass hole with this pleasure, I was licking trust’s dick
better. Nurun had some clothes in her hand for me to wear
. She wore black fishnet stockings and a black skirt. I was wearing a female
body.. I was so different I was like a bitch. Nur was
licking my ass with her head tucked under the skirt as she dressed me.
I was busy licking the moth’s dick too. Afterwards, Nur, me and Güven
were completely naked. How to put the light on trust and enjoy
I watched it for a while. then i stuck my head right into the joints.
I started to eat everything without knowing what
I was licking in those scent and pleasure waters
now nur was moaning so happily with two hands.. she was curling her waist so sweetly .
We fucked a bit like this, trying positions one by one as the night was longer . I understood that when the trust came out from under the light, that
hot dick would get into me. Güven got behind me and
trained me so well for 10 minutes with his hands and tongue that it would be a shame not to give it to him
. I looked while I was putting it in the light, he wrapped his hands around my waist and
started to force his dick, and when I bent down a little, he gave my head a stab into my narrow hole.
It was a very sweet feeling.. He slowly put it to the bottom and we were
so tired by fucking for 10 more minutes like this.. I was moaning so well and enjoying
it that after a while I burst into the light.. He was having 2
orgasms in the light.. When the light came out from under me,
I wanted to get fucked. … confidence continued unabated. by the way, nurda had put her fake
dick in front of me. When I took the plastic in my mouth, I ate it so
well. I was full everywhere now.. then they changed places. While I was licking hot
cock, nurda was squeezing me harder than trust.
He said that the confidence would be drained, probably because of the crunching . nur immediately
came out of me and bowed in front of trust and we started to lick trust together.. Trust
we were starting to cry and groan, our faces were sunk,
but this was also very enjoyable… now we were all empty and tired. We slept like that. When I
woke up in the morning, pain and pleasure were together.. Confidence went to work.
We had a breakfast with light, so I went to work.
After a very enjoyable day, it was such a pleasure to go to work 🙂

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