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Marriage does not kill neither love nor sex, gentlemen. It’s all about finding yourself a chick to be your bitch in bed. It’s been 11 years since I got married, I still can’t get tired of fucking my wife. I still fuck my wife with as much excitement and fury as on the first day, and I love her more and more every day. Think of it this way, Sex Stories, we sometimes sit down and read sex stories together, some days we turn on porn and fuck while watching and try the ones there. When he said, ‘Come, let’s write about our sex life,’ he never objected. He said, ‘You write, I’ll read and jump on it soon.’ Once you have such a woman, you never get tired of marriage.

The first day we got married, we’re going to have the wedding night bullshit. I’m the guy who’s had sex multiple times already, ours was an arranged affair. Because I liked it very much and our meeting meetings went very well, I said, ee, when I like this juice, it will be okay. But she is so beautiful that I didn’t think it possible that my chick was already a virgin. When it was arranged, I decided not to be an ox and engage in conversations about sex. I’m taking off the wedding dress slowly, I didn’t want to dive into the head from the first day. I like my wife anyway, I wanted to experience something romantic. I had already set the hotel room I had reserved as a king suite room, I had it decorated and candles lit.

The atmosphere is amazing, ours is exciting, and I’m looking forward to being with him. After I helped her take off the wedding dress, I saw a white suspenders underneath. But what a beautiful garter and she wrapped her full hips and breasts so well…. My tool was literally planted in the air at that moment. I looked into her eyes and brought one of my hands to her cheeks and grabbed her waist with the other, pulling her towards me. We started kissing hungrily, her lips soft, Sexs Story plump and voracious. But I sensed some hesitation. Trying to be a gentle man, ‘Is there a problem?’ I said. After saying a little uh huh, well, she said, ‘I’m a virgin, I’m scared’.

I said everything would be perfect and it would be the best pleasure in your life. I’ve never been a virgin, but I didn’t want her to panic even more by telling her that when she was worried enough. All I had to do was approach slowly and romantically, licking him all over him, bursting into kisses. I wet it really well. His cunt was so wet that the water was running badly on my tongue. She later admitted that she was trying to gain knowledge by watching porn movies. Being the first to have a young girl like her was extra perfect for me.

It was read because of his anger. Those pink little nipples were saggy. His cunt was burning hotter than I’d ever seen on any woman before, and that wetness was horribly irritating. My dick wasn’t very big, but she was scared ‘I’m going in slowly, it’s so wet right now and you’re so ready for me to go in you’re going to feel the slightest bit of pain. I said, ‘You will relax and enjoy a lot as you go in and out of it’. I was also trying to suggest a little. I put my dick in the hole of her pussy, pushing very slowly into that narrow hole, but so that she wouldn’t concentrate there, I was stroking her breasts and sucking the ends with my tongue, pinching my lips.

His groans showed how pleased he was right now. I noticed what a tight cunt it was as my dick slid in inch by inch. I thought about pulling out for a while, but having such a tight pussy made me tougher than I’ve ever been, literally like steel. Her gasping and groaning in pain between her Sex Stories moans, which showed her intermittent pain, frankly turned me on even more. Those moans that showed that he was in pain made me want to push his dick. But we were newly married and I didn’t want to upset him.

When I got into this mess, I tried to pull away, but he grabbed my hip and said, ‘Don’t stop! Very nice!’ said. When he said this, I took a sigh of relief and let go of the slowness with a sigh and pushed my dick all the way to the bottom, still not too hard. I felt like she was touching something, and I felt the inside of her vagina start to get a lot hotter and wetter than I can describe. He was moaning with pain under me and while I was waiting for a second or two, I started to fuck my wife. I was aware that you were still hurting and it was so normal, oh it was so tight! The moment I want to slow down ‘No, no! That’s too good a stop!’ she yelled at me between her moans. This woman is amazing and I thought I would definitely not get enough of fucking her. ‘Do you want me to fuck without stopping in other positions?’ I asked. Without hesitation, ‘Yes! ‘ said. I grabbed it and tangled it, rooting it from behind. While his pussy was already narrow, it became very narrow. Thinking that this is not necessary for now, I parted the joined legs well in a crooked state.

I rooted it again when his pussy was well exposed. It would have expanded a little now, when my dick finally touched the bottom of his cunt. I wanted to empty it. I was stroking her hips in my palms, rubbing her ass as I reached forward with my hand and tugged at the tips of her breasts. It was so wet, I had to empty it before this unseen wetness and heat caused me to arrive early. Based on my experience, I took it on me, remembering that women ejaculate most when they step on me.

I said, ‘Baby, you’re in control, just take me in, get on with me’. He liked it, leaning forward a little and placing his hands on either side of my head. I immediately grabbed her breasts and joined them together, stuffing the ends into my mouth, biting lightly and sucking and pouting. He was sitting and getting up, it wasn’t bad, he began to rub it in, after a few tries, he finally found his own rhythm. Group Sex Stories were taking my dick to the root even though it hurt. She was in control, and as I licked her breasts, her groans began to pace. My wife would cum on my dick…

The moans got louder, and when it got too much, I had to cover her neck with one hand and her mouth with the other. Even if we were in the hotel, this was too much. He was groaning furiously as if he were ecstatic. His pussy was watered badly, much worse! A blazing cunt! Finally she ejaculated officially screaming and I couldn’t take it anymore and I inseminated her pussy while she was slowly still taking my dick! Oh that was the best sex of my life. With my virgin wife. I wouldn’t believe it if someone told me that I would have such good sex with a virgin woman.

After that, everything was perfect for us, we were coloring our sex life with different fantasies, sometimes he and I. Whenever we think there is nothing left to do, one of us comes with interesting offers or surprises. My wife’s pain threshold is very high, and there’s no fantasy left that we haven’t tried hard. Having my wife fucked in the ass is perfect for me too. We enjoy trying everything together and have sex almost every day.

We fuck even with her period, I have a wife who is so horny and satisfying. We did not have a single group sex, neither male nor female. I have never even brought up the subject of this. But I can’t share Oral Sex Story even if he wanted to. I’ve been madly in love for 11 years and I love it too much to share it with a woman, let alone a man. It’s perfect for us to share our rage among ourselves!

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