Hello, this is my second story, some may
find these to be lies, but I’m a realist anyway, my nickname is bastard. I went to a friend’s
house for dinner. When I went to their house,
there was a newly married couple except me. We met them and they loved me too. But because the girl was newly
married, she was like a stone and she was beautiful
We were sipping beers while we were eating. My eyes were always on her breasts and
hips. She noticed my gaze and
started looking into my eyes, and I immediately started imagining her under me
. Since we ran out of beers, her husband went back to the market and had a beer.
He was going to get it and I started to ask questions by taking this opportunity
. By saying how is marriage. The room asked me if I had a girlfriend, and I said no, would you
accept it if it were me
? suddenly her husband came and caught us,
they didn’t go to me while I was running, we always wanted something like this, but in the end
you came out. I started to undress his wife slowly, and her husband started to jerk off looking at us . I
couldn’t stand it anymore, I placed my tool and
started to come and go. While I was fucking, he started to shove it in his ass
and we were both coming and going. My waist came and I immediately took it
off and ejaculated in his mouth. I fucked the woman and their souls 5 times that night
they call me whenever they want i fuck it

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