My Horny Aunt’s Sister Eda

hi, i told you about my aunt and this is the continuation with her sister. After making love with my aunt
until the evening; we slept, got up in the morning and had breakfast
and we were going to continue the unfinished work (ie
housework). While we were collecting, my brother came to bed at 11 o’clock and she was tired. After 2-3
hours, my aunt’s sister came. After the three of us tidied the house
We ate together at around 17 o’clock. Eda said, can you take her home, and she said that my aunt
will take it to me immediately, so I said okay and we set off.

On the way, when I asked if you had a girlfriend, I said no (no, because I have
an aunt now..). When I asked why a handsome man like you wouldn’t have a girlfriend , I said that there was no
one as beautiful as you, and I said we came home .

We went home, he told me to buy something comfortable for me, I said I’m coming ,
he said no, I said ok, but I was looking through the keyhole ,
he had a red thong under him. I said come see what I have and he opened the dab and looked aaa he had a coke and while he was bending down the picture of my ass was in front of me and I immediately stepped on it as if it happened by mistake, but he looked at me and smiled and we went inside and he said do you like me, I said yes.

When he asked me my age, I said 19, the room immediately told me I am 25. He said there is a 6
-year age difference, and I said, “There is no age difference in love.” He smiled and went to his lips
and said “What’s wrong with you?” He said no, go away
I started it biting all over me so that I would quit, but in vain I was
getting more and more

And in the end, she gave up and licked her breasts, we were both naked, because she
is a virgin, I was thinking of going from behind and putting it in her mouth. I
put my dick in her mouth and licked it
. I licked hers. I want it inside of me without knowing what she’s doing
out of pleasure.
ahhhhhhhhhhah dieerrk by entering all of a sudden when I said me, I went crazy and I fucked him like crazy

And I ejaculated on him. Blood was coming from his pussy. He cried but I
lost it. I left Kandimion like that, I said goodbye and said goodbye. home
went for 1 hour and then I went b I care what condition he but the door
is that you opened, I looked steal said me my heart was not pleased with you like
I said leave gittiiii me. But one contains his room even had yürüyemüyo
you tore me pass me ddiiiiin lips to stick kissed longer
when WHETHER what time we
said we could make love and kissed and i went home

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