My father and mother’s relationship was not good at all, they came to the point of divorce.
They were fighting all the time, me and my little brother were constantly
hugging and crying in our room, it was so poisonous that life was so poisonous for me that I
didn’t want to live it, we were constantly crying, we were ending when they were fighting . Our house was two-storied, we had
pretty nice things and everything .
We just didn’t have peace of mind. I risked doing everything to earn it. Again,
one day, because my mother got sick
, we went to Ankara to visit
. home without a word
we had come. After taking a shower, I went to bed to sleep, after a while I
heard the door open, I jumped out of bed because my mother came, and when I
looked out the window, I saw a car. I quietly went downstairs and
my father wanted a woman so much that he was eating her lips. As soon as I closed the
door, the woman took off her clothes
and pulled my father’s pants down. I was mad with anger
. I wanted to go down and fight with my father, but this time
I expected him to break up with my mother for sure. My father has such a big dick. There was one, I was surprised to see that the
woman licked her dick with her tongue and started putting it in her mouth, my father
was putting his hands on his neck and enjoying himself so much that I can’t explain
He picked her up and threw her on the couch, so I
went down a few more stairs to watch. The woman got on my father and sat directly on his dick.
My father was pumping so hard from the bottom that I couldn’t stand it
, I took off my nightgown and I started to caress my dick, the woman’s moaning
sounds were so beautiful that I was flying
into the air with pleasure. At that moment, my father opened the woman’s
breasts and I went to the stairs. I ejaculated after watching a little more
, I ran to my room, waited for a while, and then got down again
to look at it, my father was fucking so well that I couldn’t explain the woman , I didn’t want to
tell my mother, I didn’t want their nest to fall apart after that day
I decided the woman was quite beautiful, I
satisfy myself by constantly thinking about her breasts and it made me very happy

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