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I made your well-groomed chick my slave
efe, i am telling you a story that i have lived one hundred percent,
no exaggeration, no lie, everything happened, it will go down in history now, i am
a civil servant working in the municipality and i am very handsome and good
quality my friend who works next to me is 40 years
An officer who couldn’t squeeze his wife because he had a sugar harvest would always
tell me in the middle of nowhere, don’t worry about her husband’s boredom, I thought I would squeeze you both , the
room would say that he took these things as a joke
and he would close the issue.

What are you doing, come to us, I asked her husband
that he was at home
and he let me, he said it would be okay if he bores you in my eyes, he called me in the
room, I was very scared, but the excitement and adrenaline
took me home, when his husband got to the door , he said that he was at home and he let me down in
the night She jumped on me without saying a word
, she was afraid that her husband would give up, so I immediately fell in love with the wife thinking about her, I took off her
panties and immediately started licking
her, I saw that she was 31 while her husband was looking at
. husband seeing his wife dare
He took it and said, “Can you squeeze me too, I said okay, I’ve never squeezed a man in my life,” I said. My eyes were frozen. I just
twisted him right there and squeezed him from behind with saliva to the heart. I admit, I really liked it. A man’s groan
under me provoked me a
they often let me say it and from time to
time they call me to their house once a month we eat,
talk about politics, drink and finally get drunk, we get bored for hours and
forget what happened there and look at our temperature, the secret goes to the grave with us, let’s teach them, let’s get to know the clean law, let’s
get acquainted with the
quality of our lives

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