Hello, I’m Koray. I had a very boring student life until I
met them. One day, I was walking home from school, a
lady was approaching me on the bus and at that moment the bus shook and the woman
leaned slightly on me. After saying sorry or something, we started chatting.

He asked me how are you and I was telling you like a person. I said I’m a student,
flan. I said that I’m not originally from here, we came to the station, I said I’m thin, he said do you have
a job in the room. When I said no, he got off at the bus stop with me
without saying anything. We walked for a while and he said, “Should we sit in that cafe?” I was very surprised
, after all, this is Kayseri.

We sat at an empty table and talked for a long time . He
was telling me that I was a very good person, and I told him the same things. Then he
called someone on the phone and after half an hour a man came and he was mature and looked
around 40. After talking for a while, the man
got to the point and said if the man was inadequate, could you help us with sex.

I was quite surprised, but accepted. We went to their house and it
was getting dark. The woman got into the shower while we were sitting with the man, she brought whiskey and while drinking
, my wife said, “Come on, go to
her .

I got undressed, I walked in, we were washing each other, when I rubbed my hands on her pussy
, she leaned against the wall, she spread her legs slowly,
I went downstairs and started licking them with my tongue

After about 10 minutes, he picked me up saying it wouldn’t happen immediately and he
grabbed my dick with his hands and bent down and took it into his mouth, he was sucking great. It seems like he was very experienced
(he tried very hard to lift his husband’s jacket).

I picked her up as we were getting close to ejaculation, we went inside, we started to make love,
she was moaning all over the bed while I was touching my tongue and sucking it lightly
…… great my love, ……oooff very good, ……keep it up ……speed up you are amazing.. when I heard these, I
was very cosmust.
I told him, he started to lick it and after I lifted
it he started to sit on it, I was entering slowly without haste.

She started jumping, screaming, on the one hand, I was
supporting her by grasping her waist, her husband was also looking at her. I said I’m going to empty
the room, he said, my hanger, I exploded at that time the room started
to empty.

We lay like that a little bit, I was squeezing her breasts, her hands were running
around my body. Then he started licking again and my dick was like a stone,
this time I put him under me again and I started to get in easily, I started
hitting pretty hard, I was getting faster and faster..

She was screaming and I was flying, as if her husband came and
started giving it to her mouth, we stayed in this position for 20 minutes and we both
exploded at the same time.
We got cleaned up after we fucked in the shower and we
slept in a comfortable way by making love.

In the morning, I sent a mail in the kitchen and I went home, they liked it very much , we took our
phones. I’m going 1 week, when I’m bored, of course..

I am waiting for the e-mails of married or single women living in Kayseri.
safe sex..

have a good night

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