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My name is Kadir Brunette, I’m a muscular guy and I love to fuck. I’m a picky guy. I don’t go out with every girl, but our neighbor’s daughter Leyla was one of the girls I liked. She was a blonde beautiful pretty girl. I was thinking how can I fuck you. They come, I don’t have much conversation, but thanks to my family, the room is a very horny girl. I could guess it, but I had to do something to fuck it. I always watched this secretly, I always watched it secretly while changing, the curtains did not draw, I always saw her beyond wonderful body 31 I had to do something and fuck her I had a dream about a day when his family was not at home and wanted to rape him. I thought like this for a few days. I wonder if he tells me to the police or something, will my family fight with his family? I did this to my face.If they married me, it wouldn’t happen to me. I have to live my life.

I Watched Her Secretly Like This For A Few Days I Waited For Her Family To Leave The House I Had To Go Secretly And Rape Her I Even Thought To Knock Out And Fuck Her But What Would Happen If Something Happened To The Girl I Had To Think About Everything And Do It. It’s Wednesday. I’m still waiting for her family to leave the house. He came out in a single room, he was alone at home again and he went to his room to change, I’m watching him, he took a skirt or something from the closet, he had gloves or something with him, I don’t know if he was going to do cleaning, but he didn’t wear panties, he wore a skirt, he wore a short T-shirt and his gloves went too. I immediately went down to the garden and looked left and right.

And I went to their villa, I looked around the garden and something, I saw that the back door was open and I entered silently, there was no one on the right or left, I wandered a little inside, I saw that he was wiping the floors, bent and twisted, as if his pussy was waiting for me.So I Take My Phone In My Hand I Wanted To Record This Moment Immortalally I Forgot To Turn Down The Phone While Taking A Picture Of Your Pussy There Was A Voice And Heard It He Said How Did You Get In And The Back Door Was Open I Got In I Said Something Happened I Said Ok Will You Get Out After Me And You Take A Picture Of What? He Said So I Said Hush I Lay Down And Covered His Mouth I Started Kissing Him The Room Was Trying To Get Rid Of My Hand But In Vain I Was Going To Fuck Him And I Was Going To Relax I Opened My Pants Button With One Hand I Stuck In His Pussy He Stopped Clapping All of a sudden And I Put My Fuck In Your Pussy Crazy And Go Go Geller I Was Fucking Like I Was Fucking With Both Hands I Put His Head In His Mouth And I Pulled His Head Back And I Was Fucking Him Quickly.I Continued Room Now Tears Are Falling From Her Eyes I Couldn’t Just Relax Without Fucking A Broken Girl How Would My Little Boy Stay Without Fucking A Girl With A Great Pussy Ass I Put My Hands Out Of His Mouth And Struggling With Him I Continued Fucking Because There Was Nothing He Could Do Anymore, He Looked To Live His Pleasure I Turned It Towards Me I Lifted Her Legs In The Air I Pushed My Long Penis In Her Pussy Hardly Room Was Watching This Her Eyes Was Looking At Me Faster As If To Fuck Me On The One Hand She Was Handling Her Breasts Sucking Her Neck We Came To The Lip For A Moment And We Started Making Love She Was Begging Me To Fuck Her With Her Hands On My Back She Was Begging Me To Fuck Her On The Cold Floor I picked it up and speeded up while he was moaning under me, I put the phone in front of me and took pictures of him while he was fuckin’ don’t do this, please don’t do this, he said, if someone sees me, I will be destroyed.No I Just Immortalized It Just Nobody Will See It I Said Don’t Be Afraid Ok Then He Said So I Picked Him Up And The Room Continued To Jump On My Lap While Biting Her Beautiful Breasts.

We Fucked Like This For Minutes And I Was Tired Now But The Room Didn’t Want To Stop And I Became Even More Horny When That Happened And I Was Fucking Fast By Holding Her Legs Now It Was My Pleasure That I Got It From My Arm And I Kneeled It I Gave Her My Cock In Her Mouth I Wanted Her To Lick The Room Was Sucking My Cock Like Crazy I exploded in your face. The room was sucking my sperm. He was playing. He thanked me in his mouth. I apologized to him for raping you. I wanted friends.

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