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I’m a 22 year old teenager.
I love women who wear black tights . So are my aunt and her daughter, I’m sick to both of them but I couldn’t
fuck them. One day he rang the door while sitting alone at home. It
was my aunt’s daughter. He would come to us from time to time, but I
could not do anything. He came with his brother. He was going to put his brother with us and
go to the guest house where my mother and aunt went. They went in. He told me
to get a college preparation book if there is one.
His brother was wandering around the house .

I went to get a book while sitting in the other room, they halls. My aunt’s daughter
came behind me. She was looking at the books I had taken out. All of a sudden I lost my mind
. She was dressed very sexy. I wanted to stroke her thin black stockings for a moment,
but I couldn’t. If he shouted, his brother could understand. It was small though
. I decided to talk and negotiate. I told him I wanted to make love to
him. “My brother doesn’t exist,” she said. This gave me hope. If it wasn’t for her
brother, she would have made love.

I also took off her panties… I said okay, I’ll keep her busy. I went to the living room,
poured the toys I took from the closet in front of the child. I said let’s play with them
. I came to him and closed the door. I said okay let’s get down to business
. He said no way, but it was obvious that he wanted it too. I
approached him, and I began to sniff his cheeks lightly. When I said don’t do
it, the room came to taste. Then he suddenly pushed me. He said no, I can’t. “It’s okay,” I said, stroking
his legs. He said fine, but don’t go too far.
I said OK. I peeled off her skirt, she didn’t let her panties go down, then I said at
least open her breasts, she said ok.

I moved from her cheeks to her lips. I was pouting with the fury of the years
, it was getting pleasure as we kissed. Then I went down to her breasts, licked it, put it in my mouth
and sucked for 10-15 minutes. Then I started peeling off his whole body slowly, he was
n’t reacting. I stripped everything except the kilo . He was
making love like crazy. Then I took off her panties and started licking her cunt, she was
writhing under me with pleasure. We didn’t lick or kiss or leave a place on your body.
We were both naked. Then it landed on me.
He moaned emmmmmm, emmmmmmm, bringing his boobs to my mouth. I was sucking with all my might .

Then she got up and sat on my lap, I ejaculated but I had to lift it up and fuck it again . She sat on my lap, and I continued to caress her legs.
We fucked to the fullest. When we were done, I told him that I wanted to fuck his mother too
. She said it could happen. He said he will look for you and left.
I’ll tell you how I fucked my aunt in another article…

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