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hello friends: first of all, this is not a story I am going to write,
I must state that it is real.

It will be enough for you to read what I am going to write to understand that I am sincere
. My name is osman I have been in a very happy marriage for 11 years, but what I
heard and experienced at the beginning of this late summer has greatly
affected my life.

Last summer, unpleasant things happened between me and my wife and we
even thought of leaving because of these events.

My wife went to my sister-in-law’s house and stayed with her sister all summer
and what I learned caused me to break up with my wife.

I can’t go into detail because I was just told I didn’t see it and I didn’t live it anyway
, I would have been a murderer if I had seen it anyway.

At the beginning of this summer, my sister-in-law started to come to us frequently and
there were a lot of changes in her dress, she was only dressed well , she was also
provocative, she was doing her best to provoke me. One day
my wife went to her hairdresser, which is very close to where we live. I, my sister-in-law and
my son were at home. He called friends
and we were alone at home with my sister-in-law.

When these things got more and more, I had to ask him and I said Esra, I don’t know you. When
I said why are you doing this like this, you are driving me crazy
: Oda said exactly like this to me, yes, you realize
now, I was completely stunned as soon as I said I want you. But I still
thought that this was not right.
It stuck to my lips.

We kissed a lot, we kissed so much that I couldn’t feel my lips, even it hurt when we were
kissing. Now the arrow came out of the bow, I started
to lick it, smacking his lips on his neck .

when my sister-in-law started to moan, I put my dick in her pussy because it’s time,
yes at that moment I started to feel great things inside me and I
ejaculated with those thoughts, but she hadn’t tasted that pleasure yet, she
was always pulling to herself as if she was saying come on osman come on osman I put my dick
in her mouth she was licking my balls nicely she was licking my balls

and the little ottoman was resurrected and I dipped it again, it was moaning
like a snake under me, that’s what it said. believe me
, I didn’t know my sister-in-law was like this

Then we got together, we got together, but he told me such things, believe me
, boiling water poured over my head. Osman said my husband did not say that he
was screwing my sister like this last summer: I was confused about what to do and remained like that.
I would never expect such a thing from my wife . I will not
prolong this topic.

When my sister-in-law said to me, that’s why I started courting you,
this is the opportunity, I guess this is the opportunity, I took my sister-in-law
to the bedroom and took my sister-in-law to the bedroom without saying anything . and his ass was so wet he was hungover.

I tried to get into her ass immediately, but because it would be the first, she
was pushing herself forward and saying that it wouldn’t go wrong, but I was determined and I pushed my sister-in-law from the butt
, and it was a short and high-pitched scream, but it was
so wet that it was sliding like oil.

I looked for a while, wet and blood were mixed together, but I was saying revenge
and I was burdened with one and I ejaculated trembling. When my sister-in-law
went to wash them, I went to the bathroom and she couldn’t sit on the toilet
, I said to myself, that’s how revenge would be, but the important thing was that my wife
cheated on me..

It’s been a long time for me to write this, but if I receive an e-mail from you, I
can elaborate more. And after this incident, my wife and I broke up, my son
stayed with him, but he spends more time with me. I’m
waiting for your mails.


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