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Let me introduce myself first. I’m 50 years old, married, with graying hair,
very much like one of the actors.
My sex life continues in a monotonous way. I know no boundaries in sex, but
if I find my partner exactly.

I am insatiable for sex.
I can proudly say that I have more sexual power than my peers . My feature is that I
can stand in it for a while after I ejaculate.

Now I want to tell you an incident that happened to me 2 months ago. I live in Bern
Gaziantep. I took a shortcut
through the park on the way from my workplace to a place. At that time, on one of the benches in the park
, I saw a man and a woman aged 40-45 who were obviously strangers.
They said, “Would you look at it as you pass by?”

I said come on. They said, ” We are foreigners of Gaziantep, we will do shopping,
can you guide us?”
There are shopping centers on my way, I thought I’d help you.
After helping them with the shopping, they wanted to buy me a meal. I couldn’t break
it, I took them to a restaurant.

We had a few drinks while we ate there. During the conversation,
they asked how is the sex life in Gaziantep. I said like everywhere
else. For example, they said if we wanted to be with you now, would you do it?

I was surprised and replied why not. I told him that I did not like doing anything at the hotel, and if they wanted to , we could go there because it was
empty because the people in my house went to the summer house .
They agreed and we went home.

As soon as I walked through the door, the woman clung to my lips. As if he hadn’t been fucked for a long
time, he started kissing me with fever and biting. Then
we went inside and her husband said I could fuck his wife but she
wanted to watch it too. I started to undress the woman. Her husband also started to undress me

When I got naked, I offered to go to the bathroom and
we went under the shower together. Her husband was watching us dressed. I soaped her well
and washed her wonderful breasts and cunt to caress.

Then I picked it up and carried it to the bedroom.
I licked it all over the bed, from the toes
to the hairline, with tongue thrusts and light bites. I bit my lips
and bled. Then I licked the nipples that looked like missiles, pouting by
squeezing the nipples between my lips and pulling them out

When he came between his legs, I stroked his cunt with my fingers and waited until the waters came out . then i started hitting her pussy with my tongue. The husband
was still sitting in an armchair, watching us. I had brought the woman to such a state
that she started shouting ‘squeeze’, and her husband
was also instructing me to fuck my wife, fuck that bitch.

I first gave my 16-year-old and thick cock to the woman’s mouth. It’s
not that easy, I said, I’m going to fuck you so hard that it will taste on your palate.
I told him to lick it. She brought my cock into her mouth to its full consistency.
I couldn’t stand anymore . I took my cock out of her mouth and
started rubbing it on her cunt’s lips.

He started screaming and ejaculating. Then I wiped her pussy with a cloth and
came back to it. I started rubbing again and slowly started to poke his head
. I rooted my cock, some of which was in his pussy, by pressing it suddenly.
He cried and I just stayed inside. Then I pulled it slowly and
rooted it again.

It was like I was exploring every part of her pussy this way. he also
started making me more lustful by making movements with his hips. All of a sudden , our
strokes accelerated and the lady below me
reached a wonderful orgasm together for the second time and I for the first time. I did not take my
cock out of it, while standing like this, I looked at her husband, the man was stroking his cock in his hand, and then
I saw that the man’s is 12 cm. in size and difficult to get up.

I started going back and forth in my pussy a few more times to make him lustful
. The man looked at us and emptied his hand. We got up and went to the bathroom and
there we both cleaned up and continued making love. This situation
continued in various positions until the morning of that day.

If my story is published and attracts attention, I will write the rest. This married couple
was from Izmir, I did not even ask their names.
Names are not important to me as I care about privacy . Now my family is at the cottage again. I
‘m going on weekends.

I’m single during the week. And I want sex. If there are women from Gaziantep who are hot like me,
know no limits in sex and care about privacy, write to my e-mail and let’s
talk. Who knows, maybe we
will discover our hidden talents together.

This event is completely real.
It ‘s not fantasy like most of the other stories I’ve read on the site . I wish you all a very sexy day

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